What's New at Tom's Buffy Page

Below you'll find a log of the additions here at Tom's Buffy page.

March 2, 1999

  • I fixed the bug with the Buffy Screensaver not working on Windows 9x systems. You can redownload it by using the links below (this version won't work on Windows NT, I'll make a separate NT version later. The old version I originally posted DID work on NT). If it currently works on your system you don't need to redownload it.

February 21, 1999

  • I've created a Buffy the Vampire Slayer screen saver. You can download it in either self-extracting (4.96 MB) or zip (4.93 MB) format.

January 21, 1999

January 3, 1999

  • Added a new links page. This one will let you add your own links, track the number of click-throughs and more. If you don't see your site listed, please feel free to add it.

December 10, 1998

November 30, 1998

November 8, 1998

October 10, 1998

October 4, 1998

September 15, 1998

  • Why no updates for so long? Well, as some may know from my Xena page, I'm getting married in October and moving to a new apartment next week, so I just haven't had any free time to take care of this.
  • Ryan Harrington (ryanh@intermediatn.net) a while ago sent me sounds from Passion and Welcome to the Hellmouth. I haven't put them up until now as I was waiting to have the time to make the HTML page for them (I have to listen to each sound, get the character info and the quote for each). Anyway, I didn't have the time but I'd figure I'd put them up anyway. So, you can get the sounds directly at the Sounds page, and if someone would like some good karma they could send me a key of the filenames with the quote for each sound and who's speaking in it (like so - buffy1.wav - Buffy: The A-Team was the coolest show ever!). Regardless there's some more sounds up.

June 2, 1998

May 20, 1998

May 15, 1998

May 7, 1998

April 29, 1998

April 27, 1998

April 17, 1998

April 8, 1998

March 22, 1998

March 20, 1998

March 15, 1998

March 9, 1998

March 4, 1998

  • Duane Runge sent me 48 images from Passion

September 7, 1997

August 29, 1997

  • Moved the entire web site, and redid it in Shockwave Flash. If you don't have a toolbar on the bottom, click here to re-enter the page.

June 14, 1997

May 12, 1997

May 4, 1997

April 27, 1997

April 26, 1997

  • Posted 77 images from Angel
  • Added images available from the WB's AOL site on the Official Images page

April 23, 1997

  • Made the whole dang thing, Tom's Buffy Page goes live