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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 23, X = 1

"Fine - I'll do it. I'll lead the way, if that's the only way to prove to you that I really am Callisto," Gabrielle raised her chin up high.

Xena looked at Gabrielle, horrified. Gabrielle had tried some pretty crazy things before, but never this crazy!

In no time, they were off and walking. Gabrielle and a man named Donerik took the lead. Danaka was worried "Callisto" might try something - like ask for directions.

Gabrielle looked back to find Xena when they came to a fork in the road. The army was several yards behind Gabrielle, with Danaka leading and Xena bringing up the rear.

Gabrielle frowned as she tried to make eye contact with Xena. As soon as their eyes met, Xena opened her mouth to say something, but Gabrielle decided against it as Danaka shot her a look.

Gabrielle walked to the right. She had a pretty good feeling about it. The only sounds that afternoon were the crunching of dry leaves beneath everyone's feet.

Gabrielle shivered.

"So... what line of work were you in before you joined Danaka's 'legion'?" Gabrielle asked Donerik casually.

Donerik stared back at her.

"I was with a warlord named Cycnus. He was killed by your warrior friend. Sphaerus, his son, is a peacemaker. Well, was," he paused as Gabrielle's eyes went wide.

"Danaka basically ambushed him one day and almost killed him. She then took over the village. She promised to spare his life if he married her and became a warlord like his father. Let me put it this way - one taste of blood and he never went back to his peaceful ways," Donerik chuckled.

Gabrielle's jaw dropped.

"No..." she said softly.

"What? You know the guy?" he asked, surprised.

"Uh... not really... he was in my army, but I kicked him out," Gabrielle improvised.

"Callisto!" Xena called from a ways back. Gabrielle spun around, and Donerik drew his sword.

"Duck!" Xena screamed. Gabrielle made no question to the Warrior Princess and squatted to the ground.

There was a thud and a groan. Gabrielle turned back. The chakrum held a man stuck to a tree. He was dead before he even knew what was coming to him.

He had dropped an ax.

He wore a headdress.

He had painting on his face.

He was part of the Horde.

If Gabrielle makes a run for it alone through the trees, go to chapter #22.

If Gabrielle lets Xena deal with it, go to chapter #23.