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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 29, X = 8

Xena sneaked out of the room, grabbing her armor and weapons on the way. She left the inn quietly, and walked across the road.

Her destination was Kaleipus' house.

She didn't know what drove her there, but something told her that something wasn't right. She crept near the back door of the small hut. She took out her breast dagger and quietly sawed at the back window. After hearing a clasp come off, she pushed it in gingerly. It swung open, revealing a child's room.

She looked around.

A child's toys were scattered throughout the room. There was a bed on the far side of the room, a table next to it, and a dresser nearest to Xena. Xena found herself calm and happy. It was almost as if she belonged here. Xena stared at the bed, waiting for herself to find that Solan was safe and happy. She walked toward it, still not moving her eyes from him.

The lump underneath the covers looked too still to disturb. Xena backed away from the bed, satisfied that Solan was safe. She bumped into the table. There was a loud crash as a small rocking horse fell to the ground, shattering in little pieces.

The hump under the covers still did not move.

Xena narrowed her eyes -

and gasped as her mouth was clamped shut and her arms brought behind her back by a pair of huge hands. She struggled, and then faced her attacker. "Xena!" Kaleipus withdrew his hands as he saw who the intruder was. "Kaleipus! What-" Xena said as Kaleipus pulled back the quilt on the bed. A pillow laid in place of who should have been Solan.

Xena's eyes went wide.

"Where is he?" Kaleipus screamed as he grabbed Xena's neck. "I thought you had changed! I thought you wanted him to grow up in a-" Xena kneed him in the chest, freeing her throat. She rubbed her neck.

"I don't know where he his! I had a nightmare... and I needed to see Solan to make sure that was all right!" Xena explained defensively.

Kaleipus shook his head.

"I don't believe you! Xena, the warrior who fights for good, who fights for justice, who believes in what is right just kidnapped a small child!" Kaleipus yelled.

Xena felt her heart sink.

"I'm going to go look for him. Are you coming?" Xena started towards the window.

Kaleipus grabbed her arm. "No, I'm not going - and neither are you!" his voice broke. "How could you? The boy I loved, he was practically my son! Don't you understand that? No, of course not! You ran away from the responsibility!"

Xena's heart was shattered. That is what she believed for the longest time, and had finally freed herself from the thought - until now.

"Think what you want. Once I find Solan, I'm bringing him back here," Xena jolted her arm back. Kaleipus grabbed both of her arms.

"No - you're waiting for a trial," he said.

"What trial?" Xena asked, confused.

"The one I'm putting you on for kidnapping my son!" Kaleipus explained loudly.

Xena jerked her arms. His hands didn't budge. Xena knew she didn't have much of a choice.

If Xena fights Kaleipus and runs away, looking for Solan, go to chapter #30.

If Xena agrees to be on trial, go to chapter #31.