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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 21, X = 29

"Uh... Xena?" Gabrielle stuttered, her voice cracking. The Horde was not a group to be taken lightly.

"I want everyone to listen to me!" Xena yelled to Gabrielle, Danaka, and Danaka’s army. Danaka let Xena take charge. Gabrielle turned her head to look at Xena.

"I want no one to stay and fight. Run back to the road leading to Corinth! Now!" Xena instructed loudly. Gabrielle hopped up behind Xena onto Argo. Xena and Danaka were neck and neck, their horses racing as fast as they could in the thick brush. Gabrielle held onto Xena’s waist tightly.

"Why did you explain our plans out loud? That ‘Horde’ can hear what you say if they are hidden everywhere!" Danaka shouted over the racing hooves.

"They speak a different language. I doubt any of them are bilingual," Xena said, smirking. Danaka stared at the Warrior Princess.

Was this the woman that set fire to her village so many years ago? It didn’t seem like it.

Everyone got to the well-traveled road safely and in one piece. Gabrielle got off Argo.

"Xena... why... didn’t we... run the other... way?" Gabrielle asked breathlessly, hands on her knees. She was already exhausted. Xena turned Argo around in a circle to face the others.

"The other way would have been suicide. There is a river on the other side of those trees that the Horde occupy," Xena explained.

"Then why did we go that way in the first place?" Danaka asked slyly.

"Callisto thought this was a shortcut. It is, sort of. Right beside the river, there is a road that eventually leads to Cirra," Xena said. Danaka looked beaten.

Later on, taking the long way to Cirra, Gabrielle went towards the rear of the group, walking next to Xena.

"Which way do we go... Callisto?" Xena nudged Gabrielle as Danaka spoke up.

"Uh... left," Gabrielle stared at the fork in the road. The cluster continued walking.

"Well?" Gabrielle asked Xena quietly.

"Good guess," Xena grinned. Gabrielle returned the smile.

"Xena, why didn’t you steer me away from the woods? I didn’t know that it was Horde territory. I could have gotten someone killed!" Gabrielle scolded lightly.

"I had to let you find out for yourself. I figured if I told you, Danaka might act dangerously towards you if she saw us talking. I’m risking it now talking to you here," Xena replied.

"Danaka? Dangerous? Xena, you and I both know that you could kick her butt! She’s not even close to Callisto!"

"No, she’s not her sister. Callisto had too much... hate. Besides, keep in mind that Danaka has a whole army right here to back her up."

"Xena! You’ve beaten armies before - on your own! This one is *no* exception!" Gabrielle threw up her hands.

Xena smiled. Then her expression changed.

"Gabrielle - get your staff ready..." Xena pulled out her sword.

"Are we going to warn—" Gabrielle was interrupted by a familiar screech and a whirl of blond hair coming out of nowhere.

"Xena! Didn’t you miss your favorite goddess?" the blond woman asked, hitting the ground.

She had armor similar to Xena’s, and a sword prepared in her hand. Her dark eyes flashed as she pulled something off her waist.

"Xena... does this look familiar?" the woman pulled a chakrum off her belt. By reflex, Xena checked for her own. It was still there.

"See, since I’m a goddess, I can get anything I want!" the blond warrior laughed.

"Who are you?" Danaka approached her unknowing sister and unsheathed her sword.

"I am the goddess Callisto. I’m not exactly sure of what, though. Maybe of making Xena’s life miserable," Callisto said. She took one look at Danaka and shoved her out of the way.

"Wait a minute!" Danaka yelled from the ground. "Callisto? It’s me, Danaka! Your sister!"

Callisto’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Or fear.

"No! My family died! My family died in a fire started by Xena! She will pay for all of her crimes!" Callisto held out her arms, ready to pounce on Xena.

"Callisto! It is me! Remember the bed I had? It was by the window, and you always wanted the bed near the window," Danaka had begun to sob. Then she realized the events earlier. She flashed Gabrielle a mean look. Gabrielle cowered back, not knowing how much damage the two sisters could create together.

Callisto looked at Danaka. Their dark hazel eyes matched, and their body build was almost identical.

"Danaka?" Callisto almost started to cry. Gabrielle and Xena looked at each other. Was this humanity they saw in Callisto?

Callisto slowly walked over to her sister. She held out her arm and helped Danaka up off the ground.

"I will believe you are my sister on one condition," Callisto decided, grinning evilly at Xena. All hope in softness from Callisto vanished.

"Help me kill Xena," Callisto hissed. Danaka’s eyes went open.

If Danaka helps Callisto, go to chapter #46.

If Danaka refuses to help Callisto for fear of Xena, go to chapter #47.