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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 22, X = 1

Sphaerus grabbed Gabrielle’s hand and pulled her towards the river. Gabrielle grunted as she was practically dragged trying to run at the man’s pace.

They got to the canoe, the Horde practically breathing down their necks. Gabrielle sat down first, and Sphaerus pushed the canoe out to the water. He jumped in, the Horde only yards away.

The axes started to fly, and Gabrielle paddled as fast as she could. Sphaerus tried to block some of the axes with a shield that he carried.

"I’m glad you came well prepared!" Gabrielle screamed over the yelling of the Horde.

"Always do!" the warlord’s son almost looked scared.

After a few minutes of dodging and paddling, they came to a still part of the river. The Horde had disappeared. Gabrielle and Sphaerus were both breathless.

"Good work," the man said. Gabrielle couldn’t manage more than a small smile.

"Oh! We have to get Xena!" Gabrielle started to paddle towards shore. Sphaerus stopped her with a hand on her hand.

"No. Let her go. She’ll find away out," Gabrielle was stunned at the man’s words.

"Don’t you care that she could be left alone in there?" the bard asked sincerely.

"Of course I do," Sphaerus paused. "Xena doesn’t need our help - she probably has it under control," he sighed. Gabrielle left it at that. There was a rustle in the bushes on the left of Gabrielle. She jumped a mile.

"What was that?" Gabrielle jumped. Then she relaxed. "Sphaerus, you don’t understand - I need to see for myself that Xena is okay," Gabrielle’s eyes began to water.

"Fine. Then let’s row to the edge of the river," Sphaerus agreed slowly. Gabrielle tried to row towards the side. The water opposed her decision.

"I can’t do it! The current is too—" she was cut off as Sphaerus’ eyes went wide. Gabrielle dropped her jaw as she looked over at the object, too. The object was a waterfall - a very steep one.

"We’re caught in the current!" Gabrielle gasped. She frantically tried to row towards shore.

Sphaerus stared at the bard. "We have one of two choices," he said. "We either have to go with the current down the waterfall or swim to shore." They both understood both consequences.

Gabrielle’s heart sunk as the seconds flew by.

If they both go with the current, go to chapter #48.

If they both swim for it, go to chapter #49.