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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 11, X = 17

"All right," Sphaerus quickly agreed and started to race towards the woods. His sword in hand, he screamed as he passed through the Horde, killing four men on the way. Gabrielle followed his path, using her staff to knock out anyone dumb enough to try to hit her with an ax.

Sphaerus groaned as he shoved off one man with an ax.

"Hey!" Gabrielle caught the manís attention. He turned around and Gabrielle swung her staff hard enough for him not to wake up for a while. They fought a few more people and then ran into the woods. In the safety of a small cave-like overhead, Gabrielle put her hands on her knees.

Breathless, she looked at Sphaerus. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah. Back there... thanks," the warlordís son was equally out of breath.

"No problem. I have learned from the greatest," Gabrielle grinned.

"Yeah, I figured she was great a long time ago," he said quietly.

"What are you talking about? When?" the bard got a little concerned.

"I... I was the one who shot your friend with an arrow that threatened her life. That was a while back. I thought that it was my job to... and then you changed me... and then I went back to being that way... and now... and now I donít know," Sphaerusí explanation had many pauses, and Gabrielle was skeptical of Sphaerusí story.

"An arrow is not enough to get rid of Xena. But a few axes are. Letís go," Gabrielle pulled the man out of the cave by his hand. They stopped to look at what she was doing.

Gabrielle cleared her throat. "Iím sorry. If that isó"

"No! No, itís all right. Itís just that... that..." Sphaerus bit his lip.

Gabrielle nodded, prompting him to spit it out.

"Iím married, Gabrielle. To a woman who is a warlord," the man spit it out.

Gabrielleís mouth dropped.

"Her name is Danaka... she kind of forced me to marry her. I knew her when we were kids, then she moved away. Her family died, and she came back to our village. She raided the village, but somehow... I grew to like her," Sphaerus began to get dizzy.

"Oh... well... itís none of my business," Gabrielle said nicely. Meanwhile, though, she thought: It wasnít meant to be for us, anyway - right?

Sphaerus stared at the bard. "Thereís something that youíre not telling me..." he said quietly.

Gabrielle took a deep breath. Telling Sphaerus that her best friend just killed his wife might put rescuing Xena in jeopardy. Gabrielle stared at the warlordís son and pursed her lips.

If Gabrielle tells Sphaerus about the scene in the tavern, go to chapter #50.

If Gabrielle claims she knows nothing, go to chapter #51.