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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 20, X = 13

"Iím sorry, Autolycus, I canít," Xena said apologetically.

"Why not?" the King of Thieves asked, almost whining.

"I donít want to get involved in the godsí arguments."

"This isnít their argument! Itís mine! Iím the one thatís gonna get killed!"

"No, you wonít. Youíll find a way out of it, I know," Xena smirked as she looked around for the Horde.

Autolycus lowered his head. Xena had never seen him so negative in this way.

"The King of Thieves doubts himself?" Gabrielle put a hand on his shoulder.

"Of course not! My neck is just stiff," Autolycus covered up quickly, massaging his neck.

"Quick recovery," Xena grinned.

"Well, then Iíll be off. Donít want to keep the gods waiting!" Autolycus said sarcastically.

Xena stopped him with her hand on his arm. "Promise me youíll stick up for yourself on Mount Olympus. Donít cower away. Thatís not you."

Autolycus jolted back out of Xenaís reach. "What makes you think this is me?" Autolycus flipped out of sight before anyone could respond.

"Well, letís go," Xena said casually as she nudged Joxer and Gabrielle aside of her.

"Xena - which way?" Gabrielle asked as they soon came to a fork in the road. Xena pursed her lips. One way looked more traveled, it even had stones for a pathway. The other way just looked like a regular side road.

"Xena... which way is Kaleipusí and Solanís village?" Gabrielle prompted her best friend. She looked at Joxer. He was squirming around impatiently.

"Whatís your problem? Do you have to go?" Gabrielle hissed.

"No," Joxer stretched out the word. "Iím frustrated that the Warrior Princess canít figure out where her friendís village is."

Gabrielle smacked him in the nose with her staff.

"Owww!" Joxer whined. "What was that for?"

"Itís for your silence!" Gabrielle said, looking back at Xena. Xena seemed like she was in a trance. "This isnít just a Ďfriendí weíre looking for, alright?"

"Then who is it? Her son?" Joxer laughed, still rubbing his nose.

Gabrielle gave the comatose Xena a sad look and then gave Joxer a disgusted look.

That silenced him.

"This way," Xena led the way to the path with the rocks down as a path.

"Xena, this way is a little... dark. Can we take the other path?" Joxer whined. His squirming continued.

Xena threw him a look. "Go ahead. You can take the other road. See if it leads to the same village," Xena challenged.

Joxer looked at Gabrielle. Gabrielle looked at Xena, smiling. She was hoping that Joxer would choose the other path. There was only so much tolerance for people like him.

If Joxer chooses to stay with Xena and Gabrielle, go to chapter #52.

If Joxer chooses to go on the other path, go to chapter #53.