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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 17, X = 25

Xena looked at the dark-haired girl. There was a slight similarity between her and Gabrielle.

"Lila..." she recognized.

"Xena, you're not wanted here. Leave!" the girl said. The people with pitchforks moved closer.

Xena pushed through the crowd, moving towards her horse.

She ended up right near Darius and stood near the children.

"Xena!" a voice called out towards the side, near the houses.

Xena turned around to see Gabrielle there, standing in her original clothes. Xena was confused.

"Gabrielle?" Xena asked skeptically.

"Yes, Xena, I'm staying here. I'm tired of getting in your way. If you want to stay with Darius, don't let me stop you. I'm staying in Potedia," Gabrielle looked at her sister. Lila gave a small smile.

"Gabrielle, what did Ió" Xena began.

"Leave, Xena. Go save a village that needs to be saved," Gabrielle said sourly this time.

Xena backed up slowly, backing up out of the village slowly. Darius followed, his children with him.

Xena looked back at Gabrielle, her head tilted. Lila walked over to her older sister and put her arm around her.

"Gabrielle, I promise I'll visit," Xena said quietly. Gabrielle didn't answer.

Darius lead Xena down the road and they made their way back to his farm.

"Goodbye, Darius," Xena said as they came to a fork in the road. Xena picked Sarita up off Argo and set her on the ground. The children looked at her.

"I'm coming, too," Augolis said, moving toward Xena. Darius grabbed him by the collar.

"No, you're not," Xena said. "I told you before, you'd get hurt."

"I'm not scared," Augolis pouted.

"Will you visit?" Lykus asked.

"Yeah," Xena smiled. Darius waved good-bye to Xena as she lead Argo down the left road. The kids stood and waved good bye, too, but Darius stood there the longest.