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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 33, X = 5

"Hercules, would you like to come?" Xena asked, fidgeting with her fingers.

"Where to?" Hercules put his hands on his hips.

"Iím going to a friendís village. Thatís the village that was burnt down, Iím pretty sure. I want to find out who the survivors were," Xena explained nervously, eager to leave.

Hercules nodded. "Sure, Iíll come."

"Wait!" Salmoneus whined.

"You want to come too?" Hercules prompted.

"Uh... not really," the man muttered. "Iíll stay here and keep people entertained."

"Good. Youíre good at that," Hercules rolled his eyes.

"I wonít be able to keep them busy for long!" Salmoneus called as the now three travelers walked out of the crowd, and down the dirt road.

"So, who is this... friend?" Hercules asked Xena.

"Heís a child... but extremely close," Xena said slowly.

The rest of the trip was silent, except for the attempts to eat and rest. When they came upon the village, Xena was the first to arrive at the front path. She sat on Argo and stared.

The village was burnt to the ground. There were two people inside that Xena could see struggling to move. She galloped Argo into the village and approached the survivors.

Dismounting Argo, she knelt down to the injured person. He was a young man with brown hair.

"What happened here?" Xena asked while feeding him medicine.

"A woman... said her name was Danaka. This happened so... so long ago," the man struggled to breath. Xena started to move some of the pieces of wood off his shattered body.

"The woman said she was out to find her sister... Callisto. We told her that she was dead..." the man winced as Xena treated his leg wounds.

The rest of the day concerned healing both survivors and finding out more about Danaka.

Neither survivors could tell them more about their experience. All they knew was that they were the only ones to live. Even the had children died. Xenaís eyes welled up with tears.

"Xena, you go. Iíll take care of these two," Gabrielle said, knowing that Xena wanted to find her son.

Xena took Gabrielle up on her offer and raced out of the standing shack. Xena walked around, looking for familiar faces.

She saw none. None of the dead were recognizable.

Hercules came up behind her.

"Tell me about your friend," he said quietly.

"He was my son," Xena started. She explained the story to him, and after she finished, she turned around to return to the two injured men.

Hercules reached over to the side of the road and lifted up a piece of flat wood.

Xena fell to her knees, sobbing when she realized who it was.

Solan, her son. Hercules was confused until he saw who it was. He put his arm around the Warrior Princess as she sobbed on his shoulder.