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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 32, X = 8

Gabrielle's eyes went wide with nervousness.

"Uh... yeah," Gabrielle agreed with her "sister".

"Callisto, let's go see our long-lost relatives!" Danaka said dramatically. Gabrielle shrunk back. She felt like screaming back: "I don't think so!", but she knew that she might put Xena's life in danger, let alone her own. Letting herself be hugged again, Gabrielle looked over Danaka's shoulder. Xena was still staring.

"If we live here, can Xena stay with us?" Gabrielle asked Danaka.

"Sure," Danaka agreed after much hesitation.

Gabrielle exhaled. That was one burden crossed, and now one to go... getting away.

As they walked down the road to Cirra, Gabrielle kept looking back at Xena. Xena started to fall behind the group, so Gabrielle slowed the group down with questions.

"Where are we staying?" Gabrielle asked.

"We're staying at the inn for a while, until I can convince some relatives to put us up for a while so that we can buy a house," Danaka said happily. Gabrielle realized that she had this all figured out.

Gabrielle stopped. "Can we see the inn from here?" she asked, squinting in the sun.

"No, hurry up," Danaka said hurriedly. She kept walking on the path to the town.

Gabrielle looked back at the walking comatose Xena and shrugged. Xena looked straight through her.

The next thing Gabrielle knew was that she was on the ground.

A huge mob had assembled. They were all attacking Danaka. The mob was cheering things like: "Kill Callisto's sister!" "Kill the killer!" and

"Kill Danaka!"

Gabrielle knew that the village was not a warrior type of village, but even farmers with pitchforks could be deadly.

Gabrielle crawled on her hands and knees until she was stopped by a pair of hooves. She stood up to see that Xena and Argo had not moved. No one was attempting to attack the Warrior Princess or Gabrielle, Gabrielle just got shoved out of the way in the stampede.

"Xena! Let's get out of here!" she yelled over the chanting. Danaka screamed in pain. The villagers cheered and slowed down their rhythm of the chants.

Silently, Xena pulled up Gabrielle behind her on the saddle. Xena put Argo to a canter and rode off back into the woods, not looking back. Danaka's screams echoed throughout the valley.