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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 28, X = 27

"Kill me," Danaka whispered. Callisto laughed evilly and slit Danaka’s throat without hesitation. Gabrielle watched, horrified.

"Your turn," Callisto gripped the bloody dagger tighter and closed in on Xena. Xena prepared her sword. She had given up on the chakrum trick - too familiar to Callisto.

"Xena, what’s wrong? Why are you backing up?" Callisto asked sarcastically.

Xena swung her sword, hoping to take Callisto by surprise. Xena got no reaction except for a screech. Callisto flipped over Xena’s head and landed by the ravine. She stood near Danaka’s body. The goddess stared at her sister.

"I loved her..." Callisto got a faraway look in her eyes, and Xena almost felt sorry for her. Callisto remembered her situation and glared back at Xena.

"Now, where were we? Hm?" Callisto clenched her teeth and did a front handspring to land close to Xena—too close. Xena flipped over Callisto’s head, and then ran for the goddess. Callisto laughed and took a step to the left. Xena passed the goddess and whirled back around.

Suddenly, there were voices in the near woods. Chanting. Flying from everywhere - the ravine, the trees, the leaves - the Horde came rushing out. Two men grabbed either of Callisto’s arms and dragged her to the ravine. She shrieked, trying to kick them off, but both pulled on a nearby vine, and up the tree they went. The Horde disappeared.

Within thirty seconds, everything was quiet again.

"Xena? What just happened?" Gabrielle said quietly, not moving a muscle.

"The Horde attacked Callisto," Xena said to herself.

"Yeah, I know, but why?" the bard asked, keeping an eye out for the return of either the Horde or Callisto. She noticed that Danaka’s army left in a hurry. Xena was quiet for a moment, trying to analyze the situation.

"The Horde remembers that face-off I had with their leader. They remember that I defeated him. Now, the Horde thinks that I am their leader. They’ll do anything to protect me. Even sacrifice their own lives," Xena realized, chuckling at her luck.

"Don’t they know that Callisto is a goddess?" Gabrielle asked, puzzled.

"I don’t know. She didn’t use her powers to stop them."

"Could it be that she doesn’t really have powers?"

"It’s possible."

"Really? Maybe there really is only one god. One that controls everything. Remember Mael and that kid who was going to be sacrificed, and—" "Gabrielle—one god?" Xena snickered. They shrugged.

"Just a thought," Gabrielle said as they led Argo down the path, continuing their journey.