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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 22, X = 27

"Kill her," Danaka pointed to Xena. Gabrielle tackled Danaka to the ground, both cat fighting, pulling each other off one another, reaching to win before the other person had a chance to claim victory first.

Xena used this time to stall Callisto.

"You’re going to let her do this?" Xena asked.

"Do what?" Callisto asked, advancing on Xena.

"Let Danaka kill Gabrielle."

"Why not?"

"Because if Danaka kills Gabrielle, then I’ll be so upset of the loss that I’ll kill myself."

"What’s wrong with that?"

"You won’t get to kill me."

Callisto thought about this for a moment. She paused, looking back at the fight between her own sister and her enemy’s friend.

"Okay," Callisto agreed. With a snap of her fingers, Callisto and Danaka were gone.

Gabrielle found herself wrestling in dirt. She stopped.

"Oh," she said. "Xena, what happened? I was winning?" Gabrielle said breathlessly.

Xena smirked and helped her friend up, her own heart racing from the close call.

"My turn to tell a story," the warrior said. Xena explained the conversation she had with Callisto. They traveled down the dirt road, noticing that Danaka’s army had left.

They stopped at a small fruit cart ahead. It had a woman selling watermelon to a few other travelers.

"Would you like one, ‘mam?" the girl asked.

"Yes, two wrapped in—" Xena stopped as she looked at the girl. It was Danaka.

Xena unsheathed her sword. The girl cowered, shivering. Gabrielle stood in front of Xena.

"Stop. Callisto must have rewound Danaka’s life. She doesn’t even know her real family," Gabrielle figured.

"How do you know?" Xena raised an eyebrow, putting her sword back where it belongs. Danaka carefully handed Xena the watermelon as the two walked farther down the road.

"That’s a story told by the greatest bard in Athens. You see, Athena did it when..." Gabrielle told her story, and both were happy to be alone again. Because three’s a crowd.