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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 1, X = 1

"Letís swim for it!" Sphaerus yelled over the loud rushing water. Gabrielle nodded.

They jumped out at the same time, propelling the canoe backwards. It went with the current and plunged down the waterfall.

Gabrielle used all of her upper arm strength to push herself forward, heading to the shore. She saw movement in the bushes. She slowed down at first, but then started going fast again, knowing that she had to deal with one dilemma at a time.

"Sphaerus, Iím falling behind!" Gabrielle screamed. Sphaerus was beside her in no time, pulling her along with himself toward a piece of dry land.

They were about five feet from a small sandbar. Sphaerus made one more firm tug and they were both standing on it, breathless.

"Whew! Thanks," Gabrielle said breathlessly, her hands on her knees. Sphaerus put his hands on his hips, also breathing heavily.

"We have about six or seven more feet to reach a place where we can touch the bottom of the river. The current is still very strong," he told the bard. Gabrielle nodded, understanding the risks.

They were about to start swimming again when the sound in the bushes rustled again.

The figure stood up.

Gabrielle tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, motioning for Sphaerus to stay still. He obeyed.

"Hurry up and grab this," a familiar voice said as a plank fell in place. As Gabrielle looked at the piece of wood that stretched from the tiny sandbar to shore, standing next to it was a good face to see.

"Xena!" Gabrielle said. She made sure the plank was sturdy. It sat touching the water.

"Hurry! The sandbar is about to be washed away!" Xena screamed. Sphaerus crossed first, his arms extended for balance. Gabrielle held one end still, while Xena held the other still.

Gabrielle stood on it as soon as Sphaerus got off. As Gabrielle crossed the plank, she didnít look down, she just stared at Xena, both concentrating very hard.

Gabrielle landed on dry land, and happy about it, too. She hugged Xena.

"You were almost too late," the bard smiled.

"I will be if we donít get out of here. I think the Horde followed me. They donít like it that I escaped their pyre," Xena rolled her eyes. Gabrielle shook her head and laughed.

"Thanks, Sphaerus," Gabrielle said as they crossed an open field and went over to Argo.

"No problem," he laughed quietly.

"I appreciate it. I mean, it was my life!" Gabrielle giggled. Xena looked back at the two of them. The three would be traveling together for a long time now.