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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 15, X = 26

"No!" Gabrielle screamed. "I'm her!"

Danaka lowered her sword.

"You're who?" the blond warrior asked.

"I am your sister."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am. I didn't want to tell you before, because I wasn't sure that you really were Danaka," Gabrielle explained.

Xena opened her mouth to say something, but Gabrielle flashed her a "look". Danaka eyed Gabrielle carefully.

"You can't be Callisto. Callisto had blond hair," Danaka recalled.

"Hey!" Gabrielle yelled defensively. "It is! The sun makes it... turn..." Danaka looked at Xena and then back at Gabrielle.

"We look nothing alike," Danaka shook her head.

"Of course we do! Look! Our eyes! They're... shaped the same way. Oh! And our noses! Now, they're identical!" Gabrielle insisted.

"Okay. Prove to me that you're Callisto. Lead the way home. Lead the way to Cirra," Danaka narrowed her eyes at Xena.

"And answer me this question: If you're really my sister, what are you doing traveling with Xena?" Danaka asked.

"Oh! Well, the rumors are false. I've heard them, I know people talk about us. Can I tell you something? Xena is decent. She's alright, and I've forgiven her for the accident. She's also taught me how to fight," Gabrielle added.

"No. Callisto wasn't like that. She was stubborn and wouldn't think twice about befriending an enemy. Even when we were young..." Danaka trailed off.

"That's just it! Cal-I-never was Xena's enemy. I understand-"

"Just shut up and lead the way! We better get to Cirra without a problem from you!" Danaka yelled impatiently.

Gabrielle looked nervously at Xena.

Xena pursed her lips.

If Gabrielle tries to lead the way to Cirra with Xena's help, go to chapter #10

If Gabrielle tries to lead the way to Cirra without Xena's help, go to chapter #11