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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 16, X = 1

"Uh... I have something important to tell you. You won’t like it," Gabrielle said.

"What is it?" Sphaerus asked slowly.

"Xena and I were in a tavern, and Danaka came in, threatening to kill everyone in the village if they didn’t give her Xena. They fought and Xena killed Danaka," Gabrielle took a deep breath.

Sphaerus sat, stunned. "How could she? How could you?" he hissed.

"No, Sphaerus," Gabrielle put her hand on his arm to calm him down. Sphaerus brushed her away quickly.

"I’m leaving. Get your ‘Warrior Princess’ to bring you home," with those words, the warlord’s son left. Gabrielle sat alone.

Gabrielle brought her knees up to her chin and buried her face in them. She sat and thought. What would have happened if she hadn’t told him? Would he be even more mad? Where was Xena? What if Sphaerus found her first? It wasn’t Xena that Gabrielle was worried about then, it was Sphaerus. Gabrielle sat up, alert at the sound of crackling bushes.

"Hello?" she said loudly, trying not to show the fear in voice.

"Hello," a low female voice said, stepping into view.

"Xena!" Gabrielle ran to her best friend. "Where were you? Did you see Sphaerus?"

"The Horde had me tied up for awhile, but I straightened things out," Xena said. "Sphaerus? He doesn’t even live in these parts," Xena finished.

"Oh, boy. I gotta story to tell you..." the bard chuckled, tired from the day's events. Then she sighed and remembered Sphaerus’ reaction to the bad news.

"Why don’t we start when we’re out of the Horde’s territory?" Xena smiled at Gabrielle and the bard nodded.

It was good to have things back like the good old days.