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Xena: Choose Your own Adventure #2


H = 1, X = 6

"Kaleipus! Get the centaurs ready for the attack!" Gabrielle yelled.

The head centaur nodded and started yelling out commands to his people.

"Solan! Come over here!" Gabrielle directed to the boy.

"We have to go find Xena, sheíll know what to do," Gabrielle said. Solan nodded, and they ran into the woods. They looked for about fifteen minutes when they came to a lump of leaves.

Kicking the lump, the mound stood up quickly and prepared a fighting stance.

"Xena?" Gabrielle asked happily.

Gabrielle hugged Xena, and then Solan took a turn. Xena was surprised at that.

"Are you alright? I was going to keep watch here for a while until the Horde left. They are running thisó" Xena stopped at the sound of breaking twigs. The Horde was rushing toward the village.

"Letís go!" Xena screamed. Solan, Gabrielle, and Xena ran toward the village, screaming warnings to the villagers.

The centaurs stood, waiting. Xena reached the line of defense first, and she stood in front of them.

"Xena, what are youó" one centaur asked.

"Be quiet! Everyone be quiet!" she ordered. "Gabrielle! Take Solan and the other children to safety! Iíll be here when you get back," she told the bard. The warrior turned back to the small army.

"No one is to make a move until I give the command! If they want to know, *I* am your leader!" she said, everyone nodding, even though not quite understanding. Kaleipus made no move to argue.

The next thing they knew was that the Horde was rushing in, their axes and spears ready.

Xena stood still in front of the line. The centaurs got impatient and started to take a few steps. Xena stood still. The Horde stopped abruptly. They stared at Xena and backed up.

"Whatís going on?" Kaleipus asked.

"I defeated their leader a while back. Iím their leader, now," Xena said, hardly moving her lips. She stared at the Horde. They stared back.

The group in the woods slowly backed up farther and farther, and as soon as they thought it was safe, they made a run for it through the woods.

When the centaurs realized that they had won, everyone cheered.

"Xena! Xena! Xena!" everyone chanted. Gabrielle looked on, grinning at the victorious Warrior Princess.

Solan came up from behind the bard.

"Iím proud of her," he said quietly, smiling. Gabrielle hugged the boy.

"Me too," she said.