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There's Always A First Time

by Joe Murphy


The characters Xena, Gabrielle, and Argo belong to MCA/Universal. This story is not for profit, and belongs to me.

This story depicts sexual acts between two women. Some really funky ones. You've been warned.

I vowed that I would never write a "first time" story, because they all read alike. Well, I don't keep New Year's Resolutions either.

Gabrielle set the bucket on the ground in front of Argo. As the horse lowered her head to drink, Gabrielle sighed softly and looked up at the stars. Noticing that they looked exactly the same as they did half an hour ago, she turned her eyes to the campfire, and the tall, brooding brunette it illuminated. She let her eyes wander from the top of her head, down the profile, the neck, and stopped at the cleavage. Rolling her eyes to the sky, she grunted, "I'm going for a walk."

Xena looked up from the fire. The bard's face was flush, and she paced quickly, obviously still full of energy. Then she looked out into the woods. "It's probably not very safe out there. You should probably stay here."

Gabrielle stopped. "I won't go far, I have something I have to do."

"What's so urgent?" Xena asked. "If you have to reliev..."

"No, it's not that." Xena watched as the bard roamed in circles, shaking her hands nervously. "Gods, it's so hard."

"What is?"

"Being chaste, that's what. You remember that carpenter we saw this afternoon?"


"Well, I got so worked up looking at him, that now even you're beginning to look good to me. So I need to go for a bit and have some quality time with myself, if you know what I mean."


"Well, I can't do it with you, now can I? I mean, you're really not my type, no offense, Xena. Though, I do have to admit that you have pretty nice boobs, and those legs..."


Gabrielle instinctively readied herself for battle. Looking up, she barely caught the sight of Xena flying through the air, spread eagle, before being knocked to the ground. She felt something latch onto her lips, apparently trying to suffocate her. Trying to let out a scream, she opened her mouth enough for the warrior to push her tongue into her mouth.

Gabrielle mustered all of her strength and rolled Xena onto her back, then found herself flung onto her own back again. Pushing with all of her might, she broke the warrior from her face. "Excuse me!?!" she managed as she gasped for breath. Xena leaned in for another chance to suck out the bard's tonsils, but the woman wouldn't lay still. Turning her head side to side, Gabrielle was rewarded with sloppy kisses on the cheeks and ears.

"Xena, I have a headache!"

"Won't work on me, sweetie!"

"I mean it!"

Xena stopped. "Really?"

The younger woman laughed and nodded. "Yes, really, I'm sorry. I..."

Xena brought her hands off her prey's breasts, and before Gabrielle knew what was happening, she felt two points on her head and neck get pounded.


"Is the headache gone?"

Gabrielle paused. "Hey, it is! That's wonderfmmmmflmmmn..." She suddenly felt the tongue that didn't belong to her back in the mouth that did. Relaxing, she let Xena unlace her top and expose her skin to the cool night air. Bringing her own hands to her breasts to tug on the hardened nipples, she spread her legs to let Xena's wandering hand between them. She felt a jolt run through her body.

"Gods! Where'd you learn to do that?"

Xena smiled down at her victim. "I have manmmmmmmflmmmmmn." Xena found her face in Gabrielle's breast, and a hand on the back of her head. Taking her cue, she began to flick her tongue over the offered nipple.

"That was a rhetorical question, Xena. I'm enjoying myself here, so don't talk for a while, okay?"

The warrior sucked the breast into her mouth and nodded, letting the nipple snap back to its owner, who moaned softly.

Gabrielle removed Xena's blindfold. She stepped back so the warrior could see her master dressed up in her leathers. She held the whip in one hand, looped over, and tapped it into the other. If she wasn't hanging by her wrists from a rope tied to the branch of a tree, she would have attacked the bard again.

"Shall we try again?" her captor asked.


Then she felt the lash against her naked breasts as the bard smacked the loop of rawhide over her. "Yes, what?"

"Yes, mistress."

"That's a good bitch, now, start from the top."

Closing her eyes, Xena inhaled and slowly began to sing:

"She's Gabrielle the sexy.
She wonders through the countryside, with ten thousand lovers by her side.
Xena is her sex slave. She's really ugly and not too brave.
She's Gabriellllllllllllllle, Gabrielle the sexy!"

When the moon was halfway finished with it's trip across the sky, an old bird, who thought it had seen everything in its long and eventful life, landed near the campfire and watched its owners. He saw a grown woman crawling on her hands and knees, with a smaller woman straddling her back and slapping her butt as they made circles around the fire. Upon closer inspection, the bird realized that the woman was being steered by means of a whip that she clenched in her teeth, which the other woman used as reigns.

Happy to realize that there was indeed more things in this world for him to discover, the cheerful bird flew off into the night.

As the first rays of sunshine hit the camp, Xena woke. She looked down the length of her naked body to find Gabrielle asleep, her cheek resting on the mound between Xena's legs.

"Gabrielle, wake up."

The bard stirred, lifting her head from its resting place. Her eyes still closed, she sniffed the morning air fully into her lungs.

"MMmmmm. You went and caught some fish," the bard smiled. "How thoughtful."


The bard woke instantly, looking for the emergency. She finally caught her bearings, and looked up at Xena's face.



The bard looked down at her pillow. "Ooh, breakfast," she observed, and began to eat.


This story © 6-29-97 by Joe Murphy

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