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Callisto's Look At Gabrielle

by Kimmie

She tells us stories,

In the darkness of our hearts.

She tries to show us the way,

But with hatred we don't part.

She shows us how not to kill,

But blood is all we want.

She writes down her thoughts,

So someday we might follow them.

Why doesn't she see the truth?

There is no help for me.

In some way I admire her,

Haviing morals not to kill.

If I meet Gabrielle in battle,

I would not know what to do.

She is so innocent,

Yet the same time dangerous.

She fights as well as Xena,

But only with a staff.

I don't know if I could kill her,

Thou I would definately try.

So Gabrielle stand strong,

And listen to what I say.

You can never kill anger,

So from me stay away.

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