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This is dedicated... (a poem)

by Virgo

Xena had heard
All the yells and screams
Similar to those
Of her horrible dreams

She rode on ahead
Leaving Gabrielle behind
Over the hill she went
Only to find

A massive war ongoing
Between Sparta and Thebes
Once she joined the fight
She knew she couldn't leave

There were arrows to her left
And swords to her right
The Warrior Princess fought them off
With all her furied might

Another lone warrior
Came to Xena's aid
Together they fought
To end the evil raid

Xena was at his back
And he was at hers
More arrows flew by
Hardly more than blurs

Together they fought
Until the soldiers tire
The war was over
Soldiers for hire

Xena turned to thank the man
For his help there that day
But the warrior was not standing
On the ground he lay

Xena rushed to help the man
She stopped the blood from spill
But the warrior lay motionless
The warrior lay still

"I fight for peace
As that of you
Don't give up Xena,
For we are few."

Xena tried to save his life
But the arrow in his side
Would bring with it the inevitable
He laid down and died.


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