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27 April 1997

Hi Everyone,

Well it's been another busy week for me both online and off. As they say no rest for the wicked :-)
Overall it's been an exciting week for fan fiction.

This week we have one new author that has been added to the fold. That is Storm. Storm's work is now available on the pages and in addition to this, Storm's story HEAVEN DOWN HERE is this week's Eddie winner for best new fiction! So welcome to Storm. Congratulations also are in order to M. Parnell for ROPE TRICK for best archived fiction.

I want to thank all the authors for a job well done and to keep up with the good work.

If you are wondering where your story has gone to and you are really not the patient type, you can email me at and ask me. If you have a story to submit can you please read How To Submit Your Work guidelines and also every story MUST have a disclaimer. If you unsure of what disclaimer to add to your story or poem, please read the Disclaimers that can be used.

Well that was short and sweet. Until next week.


Editor's Note - 20 April 1997

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