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1 June 1997

Greetings people...

Well I have been slaving away on my keyboard this past week....

[insert appropriate 'ahhhhhhhh' noises]

And what I've read has been fantastic. There are some absolutely wonderful stories coming up in the next few weeks that if I were you I wouldn't leave my computer screen!

First let me remind everyone that if you don't get an email from me saying I have your work please email me and ask me. I've had some problems with my email server sending stuff to the abyss. Also I've been getting requests on how to submit.

If you have a story to submit can you please read How To Submit Your Work guidelines and also every story MUST have a disclaimer. If you unsure of what disclaimer to add to your story or poem, please read the Disclaimers that can be used.

Let me also emphasise that I can choose not to publish your story -- I don't usually reject any work because I'm such a nice gal :-) If you story need proofreading, spell checking and other assorted goodies...please do so before sending it to me. I will only send it back asking you to proof read it. With the amount of fan fic I get it's a bit difficult to go through something that hasn't been properly checked.
Another reminder... the issue of plagiarism is one that I will not tolerate and I will refuse to publish the work and any future work.

Okay with that out of the way how about we get down to the goodies this week. The Eddies and The Bard's Quill. A little reminder to all the bards..expect an email from me requesting submissions...and to all those whose mother's told them never to volunteer for anything...don't listen to your mom :-) I want submissions for The Bard's Quill and I'm on the Warrior Editor Mode Warpath (tm). I know all of you can write! So that excuse won't wash..and neither will "Oh what do I write..." Follow the template for WordWarior, Bat Morda and now excuses!

From the Bard's Quill

This week's musings come from Eimajj. Thank you Eimajj for volunteering and I must say I requested this on Friday and on Saturday afternoon it was in my inbox! A very big thank you!

New Fiction

Archived Fiction
Well that's it folks...this week's Ramblings from Editor is at an end. :-) Thank you again to all the bards - keep up the good work, feedback is most welcome by any bard and keep sending in your thoughts and suggestions.


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