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9 June 1997

Greetings and Salutations...

This week has been another bumper week for fan fic. I have to say XWP fandom is just about the most prolific fan fic producers! I've been involved in trek fandom for a very long time and I can't remember the fiction being so prolific! I guess that just goes to show how popular this show is. It's taken the world by storm and it doesn't look like slowing down any time soon! Battle on Xena!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rebekah for editing Missing: Have You Seen Me? As many of you will see this fanfic is quite unique - I've never seen it in XWP fandom before - it's a choose your own adventure story. It's fairly big and very complicated and Rebekah did a marvelous job in editing and coding it. Rebekah has been of enormous help when I took on the reigns as Editor. Apart from being a very talented bard she is also a great friend. Thank you Rebekah.

In the coming week I will be releasing a list of fan fic that is currently in my working directory. If you don't see your fan fic on there - please email me!

Coming soon I will be implementing something new for The Eddies the moment it's a top level secret so if I tell you all I'll have to kill you and then Tom would be most upset at me for killing everyone who came here. Not good. So in the meantime I'll keep you all in the dark. Aren't I nice? Of course I am. :-)

I've had a few email requests on how I choose an Eddie winner. One thing that I look for is if the story moves me. If I get emotionally attached to the characters. If they talk to me. An example would be Blood Innocence last week. This story kept me awake. I thought about it and thought about it. I'm not saying every story does this - I'm not that obsessed...yet. Seriously though what I am saying is that a story has to present itself in such a way that ignites the reader. Many readers find that they sit at their computer/printed story and stare at it. I have found myself doing that all too often of late and needing to reread it. For all those bards who write their mission is to get you involved in the story - they want you to FEEL for the characters and if they did it right then these characters will come alive and talk to you. Make you want to follow the story. Another example is Truth or Dare by WordWarior. That tale had me gripped and I wasn't the editor back then but I had read the story afterwards and it totally had me. Truth or Dare is a classic in XWP fandom. There are many other stories that have moved me and the plain fact is that XWP fandom has just about the most talented bunch of bards in fandom or elsewhere for that matter.

Another issue which has cropped up in email is printing of stories. Some of you have had difficulty in printing the stories due to the dark backround images I select for each story. The solution to this problem is simple. Save the story as a text file thus the formatting of background colours will be deleted. If you want it as a HTML document then go to your Netscape/Internet Explorer setting and choose "use own colors" and then set it up like you want it. You won't get the nice background colours but you will get the dark print. If you still have problems ... mail the document to yourself and attach it using text only.

Okay Eddie Winners this week. Okay so I've just decided that a week won't go past until someone gets the editor misty eyed. Last week it was Blood Innocence by Danae and this week WordWarior has been at it again! The latest offering is very very sentimental. I know I got teary reading it once and then reading it a second time as I was coding. It's lucky my keyboard has a plastic covering...what with all the laughing and crying I do it won't last very long!

So without further ado the Eddie Winners for this Week are:

New Fiction:
Archived Fiction

Well as you can see it's been jam packed with good fiction. XWP fandom is truly blessed with bards with such talent. Not just the ones who happen to win Eddies but all the bards!
I am very pleased to welcome some new additions to Tom's Fan Fic site.

Erica Bwo, Charmer, Allison and B L Miller. I am also pleased to annouce that B L Miller has produced the fourth From The Bard's Quill! Thank you to B L Miller.

Well that was a long Ramblings wasn't it?! Thank you to all the bards who if you didn't write this page wouldn't exist!
If you have a story to submit can you please read How To Submit Your Work guidelines and also every story MUST have a disclaimer. If you unsure of what disclaimer to add to your story or poem, please read the Disclaimers that can be used.

Happy Reading!


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