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22 June 1997

Greetings and Salutations...

This week has seen the return of one of my favourite bards...Rebekah. Rebekah is responsible for one of the classic tales in XWP fandom. The story is called All Through The Night. If you are new to XWP fandom or fanfic in general, I urge you to read this story. It was one of the first stories I had read when I was catapulted into the xenaverse on a hot steamy day in December (and no this isn't a typo...seasons reversed down under). It's a tale that depicts the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle (our dynamic duo) and it's written in such a beautiful style it's a work of art.

I want to address an issue that I've received quite a few emails about. The issue is subtext stories. Now the policy of Tom's Fan Fiction Site is to entertain the xenaverse. In this xenaverse there exists those who have differing viewpoints, different religions and different ways of life in general. It is not the policy of this site to say that one way is wrong or the other right. My personal opinion on this is well known and I will not be swayed by those who choose to flame me. There is a reason why the disclaimers are there. That's for people to read them before reading the story. I suggest people read these before writing to me and complaining. If you do not like to read a subtext story - please go on to another story. The site offers quite a range of fan fic. If you don't agree with my choices for the Eddies...I'm sorry but as the name's the Editor's Choice Awards.

This week sees Judy's contribution to From The Bard's Quill. Judy has written some absolute gems and is a very talented bard.

Alright now...The Eddies for this Week:

New Fiction

Archived Fiction

If you have a story to submit can you please read How To Submit Your Work guidelines and also every story MUST have a disclaimer. If you unsure of what disclaimer to add to your story or poem, please read the Disclaimers that can be used.

Happy Reading!


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