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Ramblings From The Editor
20 July 1997

G'day all,

Well I hope everyone is in the mood for some good fanfic because this week I found myself under a huge pile of fanfic that is just amazing. Next week promises to be something special. I won't tell you what it is...I can do that you know..I'm the editor :-) But what I will tell you is that a story is coming up that two of my favourite bards got together and well the results are just..nah I won't tell you :-)
As you can read my flu is getting better and thank you once again to everyone that emailed me and wished me a speedy recovery.

Can I please remind everyone that if you are submitting a story to put disclaimers and to send it to me with the subject line: FF: Your story name. It makes it easier for me to pick out the stories. Also a little note about adding your email address to your story and your preferred online name.

Okay this week's Eddies are

New Fiction

I'm afraid this week I haven't read any archived fiction and therefore no eddie for this week.

I hope everyone enjoys the fan fiction on Tom's Site. Please remember to let the bards know how much you enjoy their work.
Happy Reading!


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