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Ramblings From The Editor
July 26, 1997

Hi guys!,

First of all, I do believe introductions are in order. My name is Lunacy and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a Xenite who hangs around the Universal XWP NetForum and a few of the mailing lists. I sorta like to read Xena fan fiction so MaryD recently asked me to be one of her Assistant Editors - an honor I of course jumped on - kinda of like a sidekick you know - good job if you can get it! >:)

As one of MaryD's trusty assistants I get the honor this week of awarding the Eddies (POWER!! >:) In the New Fiction category I am giving the Eddy to a story which, including commercial fiction, is one of the best written and most entertaining tales I have ever read:

Awarding Eddies to archived fiction is VERY difficult because this Web site hosts among the finest stories and poems on the Net. Needing to make a choice, however, I've decided to recognize three pieces which have stood the test of time. These are two stories and a poem which were written at a time before XWP fan fiction exploded into the popular phenomemom it is today. Upon publication on the Web, these three pieces became instant favorites with the fans. Today among long-time readers of XWP fan fiction they are recognized classics which continue to draw readers to the each of the genres they represent and which have influenced and inspired many of the best bards currently writing. The Eddies for Archived Fiction this week go to:
CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners this week and as always - a heartfelt thanks for sharing your talent.

The Lunatic :)
Assistant Editor

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