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Fists of Blood

by Lynn Lucas

Based On "Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules The Legendary Journeys, and Highlander."

Character Lynn Kirk Was Created By Lynn Lucas

Xena yanked down hard on the long chain that rapped around Lynn. Xena laughed.

"The mighty and great princess Lynn doesn't look so mighty and great anymore. It's actually kind of disappointing, I thought you would be so much more of a challenge than this, I guess I was wrong." Xena said. Lynn looked at her people and they're frightened faces.

"What did you do to them Xena?" Lynn asked. Xena laughed.

"They're just seeing you for what you truly are. A monster from another time and another place." Xena said.

"You Bitch! How could you possibly know about that?" Lynn asked.

"Well lets just say that I had a little help from someone who is..was very close to you." Xena said. She laughed.

"Ares." Lynn said.

"Very good princess, I'd like to see you just try to escape with out his help." Xena said. Anger grew inside of Lynn like a weed growing in a flowerbed. She channeled that anger and pushed her self up off the ground and yanked free from her chains. Xena stood staring absolutely stunned.

"Kill her!" She finally shouted. Lynn Laughed. A sword appeared in her hand and she slayed more than half of Xena's men. Xena was very mad now. Her sword met Lynn's, but suddenly Lynn began to disappear. A bright light seemed to consume her and then she was gone.

"Noooo!" Xena shouted.

The highlands of Scotland 1798a.d

Conner shook his head. "It's not possible." He said.

"Your wife is pregnant whether it's your child or not." Ramous said.

"But you told me that Immortals can't have childern!"Conner said.

"That is exactly what I was told. Yet this is starting to make me wonder if they were wrong." Ramous said.

"Conner!" Elena screamed. Conner ran to his wife's side. The priests removed the baby and rapped it in clean cloth. Elena didn't make it.

"Noooo!" Conner screamed.

The priests handed the baby girl to Ramous.

"This child is an Immortal." Ramous said. Conner looked at the baby.

"But how can that be?" Conner said. A handsome man appeared in the room after the priests had left.

"This child's birth is no axcident, Every century this child is born again, I sent her here because she was in danger of being destroyed by her two worst enemies, her brother Ares and a Warrior Princess named Xena. Her name is Lynn Kirk, and two days she will return to her full self. I have sent her here because you Immortals can teach Lynn how to use her powers and strength better than anyone in my own time could. Please take good care of her." Hades said. and then he was gone.

"So she is a child of the Gods hmm?" Ramous asked.

"What are we going to do with her?" Conner asked.

"We're going to train her of course." Ramous said.

"Of course." Conner said. In two days a new born baby became a 16 year old girl. A very gorgeous looking 16 year old girl with perfect slender features and beautiful turquoise blue-green eyes and long straight dark blond hair. Even Ramous him self was attracted to Lynn. Lynn sat on the edge of a clift looking over the sea.

"So what exactly did this Xena character do to you?" Ramous asked.

"She made my own people hate me more than she did." Lynn said.

"How did she do that?" Ramous asked.

"She showed them my blood, it's different from theirs and so are my ears, She told them that I was monster from another time and another place and they believed her. Ares told her everything, my own brother turned against me and joined Xena. I guess I just don't fit in anywhere." Lynn said with a heavy heart.

"You fit in here, and not everyone in your family hates you." Ramous said.

"Yes they do." Lynn said.

"Not your uncle Hades. He's the one who sent you here." Ramous said.

"He's the one gave me the curse of having to be born again every century I visit." Lynn said.

"I'm sure that he only did that because he cares more about you then any of the Gods do." Ramous said.

"Funny, I somehow dought that." Lynn said.

"Don't let pride and hate bild up in you, it could be your undoing." Ramous said.

"My Undoing?" Lynn asked.

"Yes, you have a very special power and I don't know that much about it but from what your uncle told me if you become victome to hate and pride and fear they'll turn you into something evil." Ramous said. Lynn shook her head.

"I don't understand." Lynn said.

"Niether do I but, we'll have to take your uncles word for now since it's all that we have." Ramous said. Lynn looked over at Conner.

"Ramous why does he hate me?" Lynn asked.

"Conner doesn't hate you Lynn, He just needs time to get used to you." Ramous said.

"Ramous will teach me how to use a sword?" Lynn asked.

"No, I have other things to do, but I'm sure that Conner will teach you if you ask him." Ramous said. Lynn frowned. She knew that Conner wouldn't teach her.

In time Lynn had masterd the sword. Now she carried two of them along with her chamrock and her dagger. Conner had taught her everything she needed to know about being an Immortal. Now she was ready to her own way.

"I'll miss you." Lynn said.

"And I will miss you. Be careful Lynn." Conner said. Lynn nodded. The portal opend ahead of her and Lynn rode on threw it. This time she wouldn't be born again, this time she was going to get back at Xena for what she to here.

Xena rode down the dirt path with Gabrielle at her side. The portal opend up infront of them and Lynn's warrior cry could be heard.

"Gabrielle get down." Xena said. Lynn pulled out one of her swords and Xena's met her swing. Lynn turned her horse around and swong her sword again. This time Xena wasn't quick enough and Lynn's sword cut deep into her arm. Xena screamed with pain. Lynn laughed. "Surpirsed Xena?" Lynn asked. Xena didn't say anything. "Good, you should be. Now it's pay back time." Lynn charged forward and swong her sword forward again. Xena tried to protect her self with one arm but it was no use. Lynn was to good. Lynn laughed. "Awa poor Xena can't defend her self against a harmless alien princess."

"Lynn." Xena said. After she finnaly reconised the princess.

"That's right. I'm back." Lynn let out her warrior cry and rode off. Gabrielle looked up at her warrior friend.

"Xena who was that?" Gabrielle asked.

"Someone from my past.." Xena said. "Gabrielle I think that it would be safer if you went home." Xena said.

"But Xena.." Gabrielle said.

"Don't argue with me just go." Xena said.

"Ok." Gabrielle didn't dare agrue with the warrior princess. She went straight home. Lynn was worse then Callisto now. Xena had a new night mare to wake up from.

Lynn had a new fort and a new army thanks to her brother Ares. She looked at her self in the brass mirrior and smiled. She was a warrior princess now, her long dark blond hair was tied back into a french braid. Her warrioris suit looked almost exactally like Xenas. Lynn's had more eligant gold and brass armor then Xenas but other then that it looked the same. Same design and the same color of leather. Lynns knee high leather and gold boots were almost the same as Xenas too. Ares appeard behind her. He put his arms around her. She smiled.

"My princess Lynn, you really do look like a warrior now." Ares said.

"Of course I do. What do you want Ares?" Lynn asked.

"Only you of course." He said. Lynn turned around and her lips met his. Later after they had made love Ares told Lynn all about Gabrielle and Callisto and how Hercules had helpped Xena turn into a kinder gentaller warrioress. Lynn was carefully ploting her revenge now.

"So what happend to this Callisto?" Lynn asked.

"Well she's dead of course, but with you around who needs her?" Ares asked. Lynn smiled.

"Then we'll use Gabrielle." She said. Ares smiled.

"I like it." He said. Lynn kissed him and they laughed together.

Hades shook his head. Lynn was going to get her self introuble and he was going to be the one they'd blaim.

Gabrielle and her sister Lilla were the only servivor from their village after Lynn had burned it. Gabrielle looked at Lynn.

"Who are you?" Gabrielle asked.

"I'm Lynn, warrior princess." Lynn said.

"What do you want with me?" Gabrielle asked.

"Oh not much really, just consitter your self to be part of my big plan to get back at Xena from now on." Lynn said.

"You're insain." Gabrielle said.

"I know isn't great?" Lynn laughed. She turned to one of her gards and had Gabrielle and her sister locked up.

Xena had finnaly found Hercules. She need his help more than anyone elses. Mostly because if anyone could talk some sence into Lynn he could, and also because he was her brother and he had higher authority.

"Xena, I didn't expect to see you again, what brings you here?" He asked.

"I need your help." Xena said.

"Ok. You name it." Hercules said. Xena smiled and told him all about Lynn and what she had become, She also told him about what she was doing. Hercules agreed to help.

Lynn sat in her thrown chair and frowned. She was borred and there was nothing to do.

"Ares." She called. Ares appeard before her.

"You called?" He asked.

"I want you to arange a battle to the death, me against Xena." Lynn said. Ares lifted an eyebrow.

"And why might I ask are we doing this?" He asked.

"Because I want to prove that I'm better then her. And if I win Gabrielle dies if Xena wins the girl will live." Lynn said.

"Ah ha. You are quite cleaver indeed princess. I will tell Xena this immediately so that your battle can begain." Ares said.

"Good." Said Lynn. The battle between Lynn and Xena would be a turing point in Lynn's great history. This battle would be the one thing that would prove that Lynn was better then Xena.

Xena looked up at Lynn's fort then over at Hercules.

"Are you ready?" Xena asked.

"Yeah." Hercules said. Hercules was Xena's back up. If Xena couldn't fight Lynn he would have to. Wether she was his sister or not. Lynn's fort was compleatly empty except for Xena and Hercules. Lynn flipped down from one of the walls.

"Let the battle begain." Ares said. Lynn used both of her swords. One for blocking Xena's and one for fighting. She was good with both of them. So good infact that Xena her slef was no match for this princess. Xena fell benieath Lynn's sword. Lynn smiled.

"Good Bye Xena, I'll miss you." She said and then laughed. Hercules grabbed her sword before she braught it down onto Xena.

"Don't even think about it." Hercules said.

"Let me go." Lynn said.

"Not untell you stop this mad radge of yours and end this." Hercules said.

"I can't, she has to pay." Lynn said.

"What I did was wrong, that was along time ago Lynn and I'm different now, please you have to understand." Xena said.

"No. Xena you must die!" Lynn said. She took her other sword and stabbed Hercules in his stomache. She dropped that one and lifted the other. But something went wrong. Why was she killing Xena? A princess by anyother name never took the life of someone smaller then her. Lynn shook her head. It hurt with pain and frusteration.

"Kill her!" Ares shouted.

"Lynn please." Xena said. Lynn screamed and flipped backwards untill she was infront of Ares. Then she took her sword and plunged into him. He looked at her with his eyes full of hurt. He screamed and then was gone. Lynn just stood there shooken with fear and frustration. Hercules put an arm over her shoulder.

"I killed him." Lynn said.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll live." Hercules said.

"The important thing here is that you didn't kill Xena when you had the chance, you changed Lynn. Thats the first step into becomeing kindhearted again." Xena said. Lynn shook her head.

"I'm so sorry Hercules, I didn't mean so to hurt you like that." Lynn said.

"Well I'm sure that it will heal in time." Hercules said. Lynn had one of her soldiers bring out Gabrielle and her sister.

"I'm sorry." Lynn said to them.

"At least it proves that you weren't like Callisto. and believe me, that's a good thing." Gabrielle said. Lynn smiled and nodded. She turned to her brother.

"Thanks." She said.

"No problem, just remember you owe me one." Hercules said. Lynn smiled and gave him a hugg good bye.

"You wouldn't leave with out saying good bye to me would you?" Xena asked. Lynn shook her head and hugged Xena. "Good Luck Lynn." Xena said. And so Lynn left down the dirt path unsertain as to wether or not she would ever see any of them and unsertain as to just how her life had changed, but she was a princess noble and honorable, strong and proud and that would all was stay with her no matter how many warrior princessess she faught or how many gods she killed, it was a part of her that made the difference between her being a good princess and her being an evil one.

The End

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