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Gabrielle's Mirror of Souls

by Snowblind

We've been through everything 

Fighting evil whereever we go

Making a new path where your warlord days ended

Something had to give (one of us)

A victim from a past conquest returns as our greatest foe

Love had found me and wanted me to come home

I needed to live my life for me

You backed away but were never too far away

She found me in paradise and burned it to the ground in passionfire

The one I love was slain before my eyes

I wanted revenge by taking her life

Your wisdom and belief in me led me to the truth

The cycle of hate must end with love

I believe that more than ever

Callisto's death weighed heavy upon you

That moment of feeling which you denied for so long

Returned in the form of Callisto's evil soul

She stole your body and tried to kill your family

Your soul was in her body

I stood behind you with your fate in my hands

We spoke of dreams and you reminded me of who I was

Callisto's plan would fail but there was a great price to pay for us

The person who is my best friend is trapped in the body of

The one who killed my love and almost change who I was inside

I feel like this a punishment

I'll go on for you and for me

You have always been there for me

I will not abandon you now, 


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