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Gabrielle's Return

by Kimmie

There laid Gabrielle,
Wounded and in pain.
Xena trying all her best,
To help her friend remain.

Her breathing became harder,
Her life slipping away.
While Ephany gives birth,
to her nephew on this day.

Soon her body shook,
Battling for her life.
Until the last breathe exited,
When her life did stop.

Xena filled with fear,
Grabs her friend near.
Gabrielle no life in sight,
Xena screamed for her to fight.

Xena begging for her return,
Crying, screaming, disbelieving.
She pushed air into her friend,
Pounded her chest to revive the dead.

Gabrielle with her will and power,
Came back from the peaceful beyond.
Xena embraced her friend with love,
Thanking Gabrielle and the Gods above.

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