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Holiday Parodies

by JettX and DangerChick

     It seems that the holiday tunes don't bother me as much this

year...perhaps it's because my little mind is doing what it can to Xenatize

them.  Okay, I know it's short and silly, but I just do what the voices in my

head tell me...  Oh, and DangerChick contributed the verse...

sung to the tune of 'Jingle Bells'

Dashing through the hills,

Of ancient Auck...uh Greece,

Fight with sword and gills

All in the name of peace.

Tell a tale or two

For nut bread and some cheese

You might meet some Amazons

Or even Hercules

Gabby thrills,

Xena kills, 

And they save the day.

And everyone who loves them so, 

screams 'Joxer, go away'        O

Xena's thighs,

Gabby sighs,

'Please go all the way'

Oh what fun it is to think 

Of our sheros in the hay!

And though I know only this little bit, a friend suggested I take on the

Dreidel Song...

Xena, Xena, Xena

We all await the day

When you and Gabby get to

Roll naked in the hay.

     I don't really have thing about hay, it's just that it's a good rhyming

word.  And I like Argo, and Argo likes hay, thus...well I guess I do have a

thing about hay.

  ;-) JettX

"That's Xena, with a capital Z!"  


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