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The Invokation of Xena & Circle Casting

by Suzilla

Disclaimer/warning: Do not try this at home unless you are comfortable with ritual magic. This is intended to be only as serious as you make it. If you are offended, hit delete.

I invoke thee, O Xena, mighty Warrior, Goddess of

Battle, She who Laughs at the Enemy.


From the East, I call forth your power and speed. And I call

forth your chakram, sacred weapon of the air, to guard this circle.


From the South, I call forth your joy in battle, your warrior's

cry, and your shout of triumph. May your breath of flame defend this



From the West, I call forth your wisdom and compassion. Bless

this circle with the sacred waters from your trout river.


From the North, I call forth your strength and courage. And I

call upon the spirit of Argo, your battlesteed, to guard this circle.


I call thee forth, O Xena, Warrior Goddess, to fill me with your

strength and courage, wisdom and compassion, joy in battle, your honor and

your might.

Fill my being, and let your breath be my breath, your power

be my power, now.

As I do will, so mote it be. Blessed be.


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