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I Promise

by: Sal_Fan

"I promise, I will be your friend,"
You said to me one day.
Don't leave me ever, my dear friend,
You've giv'n me cause to stay.

When first I did appear to you,
You followed me from town.
I'll always have your friendship, Gab--
You've never let me down.

I've taught you int he ways of war;
I've seen you learn and grow.
You've taught me how to live again--
To share, to trust, to know.

We've fought together, side by side,
Throughout our journeys past.
We've faced so many dangers too--
A lifetime they will last.

When I was hurt you rescued me--
You risked your life for me.
You gave me strength and helped me heal--
That means so much to me.

I don't know what I would have done
If you had not been there.
I thank you, Gabrielle, my friend,
Each day throughout the year.

I've never had a friend before,
I say this from my heart.
The life we share will never end--
I've known this from the start.

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