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Konus's Destiny

by Snowblind

She was always there for me

Growing up I learned how to fight

My heart was never true to the warrior's way

I dreampt of far away lands and magical places

The day Cortese attacked our home

My sister began to change

All the things she hated about Cortese

Became her needs and motivation

I knew what I had to do

It was time for me to choose my own path

I had to betray my flesh and blood

My heart was pounding and my knees trembling

Her tent was lit

I entered as she was looking at battle plans

"Konus. I'm glad to see you. We need to go over this attack plan"

"Xena, these are farmers"

She looked at me with fire in her eyes

"What are you saying?"

"I'm done. We have all the territory we need."

"No one leaves my army! Not even you"

"Then you'll have to kill me. I won't fight you."

I felt the anger welling inside of her

She got up and looked me in the eye

"Stay. How would it look if you left?"

"I won't hurt innocent people anymore"

"We are protecting ourselves"

"Xena! You know better. I was never a warrior!"

"Yes you are. For a non-warrior no one makes battle plans like you"

"My war was over after Cortese ran away."

"You beaten and buried hundreds of men"

"I did that in a bezerker's rage. I am a man not an animal"

"Go then coward! You dishonor Lyceas and our entire family!"

I turned back to her

She knew that I was the one on fire

For the first time I wanted to hurt her 

I realized that it would be a mistake to fight her

"Lyceas. He would've done more to stop you."

She turned angrily to the battle plans

"I love you Xena. No matter what."

I knew her pride wouldn't let her emotions show

As I left,

I heard her whisper "I love you too sad eyes."

My path was in my hands

The avenues open and a world to explore

Be well Xena. Someday we'll meet again...

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