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Disclaimer: This poem depicts a sexual relationship between concentual women. If this
is not your forte, then, please, excuse yourself and read something else.


by: Kiowa

You represent the good in me
To you I give my soul to keep
Forever yours to hold in trust
Until from this life we do leap

You always saw the softest ways
Beneath this rough exterior
Your faith and Loyalty to the end
Results in this womyns purr

You are, my bard, a connoisseur
Of all my hidden treasures
It amazes me throughout all time
And gives me, oh, such pleasures

You've found those hidden buttons
I thought forever under wraps
That lead to the very heart of me
You have disabled all the traps

The full moon arcing overhead
Brings you to mind, my sweet
My soul does ache for your return
My heart, remembering, skips a beat

I lie here, lonely, waiting for you
My thoughts are introspective
I cannot seem to let you go
The mind and body recollective

I know that you behold the moon
Tonight and share the memories
Of our lines of fate intertwined
Knowing we always will lovingly be

Your touch is like the evening rain
So soft and warm and wet
My eyes do close with thoughts of you
Mid haunting notes of our duet

I sense you softly sliding next to me
Your fingers, travelling, my heart allows
I feel the warmth of your lips
Against my fevered, damp brow

The burning embers from within
Aware of every move you make
Start to build a mass of coals
Exposing my very centers ache

I feel your passion building fast
Slow down, my love, so we can make
These moments in the dark surpass
Continuing on until past daybreak

The memories of you fill the night
My soul still reaches far beyond
To hold you tight forever, dear
Amidst the stings of black and blonde


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