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"No Time Now" (for a friend...adios)

by: Albuquerque Annie

There's a sore spot on my heart

Rubbed raw by losing you.

I sigh a long, inaudible sigh for you.

Hot breath slowly passes between my lips

Finally emptying me completely.

I know it will hurt a long time.


I should be happy in a peaceful place like this.

A cool breeze brings a refreshing forest scent,

Birds sing merrily and try to get me to dance,

And shafts of sunlight slash through the trees

Making strange patterns on the packed-dirt trail.

Yet, I sit here with my head in my hands,

Literally a bump on a log,

Atlas with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I sit here thinking of you my friend,

Thinking of you....


I want to hit something, pound it into the ground!

I want to cry hard and let everything out!

I want to yell long and loudly

Like the eerie, fierce wind of a bad storm!

I want all those things, but there's no time now.

I have to fulfill my obligations, journey on.


If I could have those things,

Would anyone think I'm foolish?

If so, I issue this challenge:

Tell me! How else should I feel?


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