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Xena and Gabrielle Vs. ...?

by The Visitor

The Visitor Presents:
Xena and Gabrielle Vs. ...?


EXTERIOR. MIDDAY. A Lush green countryside in typically beauteous ancient Greek surroundings. Birds sing, a warm breeze wafts across the fields of flowers that grow unattended, basically itís all just ridiculously splendid and very, very nice indeed.

But ho, unto this idyllic setting comes a great roar of thunder, and the air itself seems to burn and boil as lightning forms and sparkles about at will! And finally, in the midst of this sudden chaos, a large metallic box-shaped device, adorned with elaborate levers, buttons, contraptions and gizmos of infinite variety, suddenly appears on the landscape! It hums and whirrs like a living thing, but most assuredly, it is out of place in this tranquil scene!

Within moments, the din has paled, and a kind of calm returns to the serene valley once more. It is almost peaceful when, with a hissing of steam and well-oiled hydraulics that the main door at the front of the box slides open! And through the newly arrived fog, two sinister figures emerge into this strange, new world...

"My calculations were perfect!" Exclaimed the first one out. "We have arrived in the golden age of Greece. A time of myth and legend! Ripe with power to be seized. Yes, this will do quite nicely!"

"Itís awfully pretty!" spoke the second traveller. "Why didnít we just take a regílar plane, instead of that thingamajiggy? We didnít even get those little peanuts!"

The first traveller seemed to wage a small war within himself, to reign in his temper at the second. "You dolt! We have travelled backwards in time. Only Peabodyís machine could get us here! Thanks to my genius in luring him away from it, leaving us free to...borrow it."

"Oh! Should we put gas in it or something, before we return it?" Inquired the second.

"That, you ignoramus, was sarcasm." Replied the first through gritted teeth. "The machine is MINE, now."

"Ohmm....I THINK I get it now! Maybe you should write your name on it, like one of those luggage tags perhaps. In case it gets lost. We wouldnít want someone to just walk off with it, would we? Itís very shiny, and all nice..."

"Enough blabber! We have much work to do. I need to get my bearings and find out exactly where we are, so I can plot out our plan of action. Tomorrow is going to be a VERY busy day, my insipid friend."

But as the first traveller rubbed his little hands together with malicious glee, the second just scratched his woefully underused head in obvious ignorance. A not uncommon site for him. Finally, unable to resist, he asked the question that was nagging him, as he had done so many times before...

"Ummm...what are we doing tomorrow, Brain?"

"Same thing we do EVERY day, Pinky..." The Brain responded, patiently as ever...


TO BE CONTINUED... Xena & Gabrielle vs. PINKY AND THE BRAIN, Chapter One!!!

Coming Soon...

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