Ramblings From The Editor

16 September 1997

Hi guys and gals,

Well this is going to be my last Ramblings as Tom's Fan Fiction Editor. I'm finding that I have so much on my plate at the moment - I can feel a huge burnout happening. I don't want this to happen and so this decision, although not a easy one, had to be made.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Tom for trusting me with his pages. He has a wonderful site that is just terrific. Thanks Tom! You are one great guy.

I want to thank all the bards who gave me such a wonderful time with their stories and all the hours of enjoyment.

I want to thank (gee this is sounding like an Academy Award acceptance speech) all the readers who wrote to me with their suggestions and comments. Thank you guys!

Well time to say goodbye...

Bye folks! See you around the Xenaverse! If anyone wants to email me I can be reached at kira@zip.com.au or Nanites@ozemail.com.au