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by Cornerback34

This is my first story that I personnal wrote so if you E-mail me with your comment don't trash me.

[]=Person speaking ( )=action/narration

(The Story take place 8-10 years in the future. It opens with Xena sitting in a Inn and A strange man come walking in wearing A strange looking helmet and armor he also is wear a cloth that covers his face. As he sits down Xena gets up to leave. As she nears the door the man throwing two knifes with such pinpoint accuracy that it catches the leather under her armor and pins her to the wall. He gets up and walk over to her.)

[Man]:(in deep voice) Come with me.

[Xena]: Why!

[Man]: Because I need to talk to you.

[Xena]: Ok.

(they sit at a table)

(the man look around)

[Man]: Where is your friend Gabrielle.

[Xena]: How do you know my friend name?

[Man]: Never mind! Just answer the question.

[Xena]: She at the market she be back in a couple of minutes.

[Man]: We'll wait then.

(Five minute pass) (Gabrielle walks in, sees Xena, and walks over.)

[Gabrielle]: Hello Xena! (she looks up and sees the man.)Who your Friend?

[Man]: SIT!

(Gabrielle sit quickly)

[Man]: Now lets get down to business. First don't ask any questions and second you are going to help me kill a warlord.

[Xena]: Why should I?

[Man]: Because you have no choice! You already can see what I can do with my knifes, but I could also kill you in any number of ways.

[Xena]: Ok say I do help you. What do you want be to do.

[Man]: Like I said before you have no choice. All you have to do is distract his army.

[Xena]: How am I going to do that.

[Man]: No more talking meet me in the town square at midnight, and if you don't show or try to leave I will hunt you down.

(The Man gets up retrieves his knifes and leaves)

[Gabrielle]: So do we go with him?

[Xena]: I really don't think we have a choice.

(It midnight and Xena and Gabrielle are at the town square waiting for the man.)

[Gabrielle]: Where is he?

[Xena]: I don't know.

[Man] I right here. (He walk out of the darkness and into the light of Xena torch.)

[Xena]: How long were you there?

[Man]: about five minutes. I have the ablilty to hide in the shadow.

[Gabrielle]: WOW!

[Man]: silence!

[Xena]: So where to?

[Man]: You are to follow me. You can speak among yourself, but you are not to speak to me unless it is an emergancy. Also You will not ask me any question on where we are going am I understood.

[Gabrielle]: Why?

[Man]: I said Silence!

[Xena]: Gabrielle just listen to the man he is a very dangerous.

[Man]: thank you. Meet me back here early Tomorrow morning. Now go get some sleep you are going to need it for tomorrow.

(Early the next morning Xena and Gabrielle again wait for the Man)

[Gabrielle]: So where is he.

[Xena]: Here he come.

[Man]: Lets go.

(They walk for many hours Xena and Gabrielle speak, but the Man walk and never speaks a couple of hours after the dark the man speaks.)

[Man]: Stop! We rest here.

[Gabrielle]: Finally!

(While Gabrielle amd Xena Set up the camp the Man lights a fire)

[Man]: Go Get some sleep we have another big day tomorrow. I will watch the fire.

(Xena and Gabrielle go to sleep. the Man slow removes his helmet, armor and the cloth over his face. We only have a glimpse of his face in the light of the fire. slowly he close his eyes and relaxes. Later Xena wakes up. The Man's eyes snap open he grabs his mask and helmet and puts them on.)

[Man]:(in the same deep voice as before) I told you to go to sleep.

[Xena]: Nature Calling.

[Man]: Hurry up and back to bed.

(Xena Finishes and goes sits by the fire.)

[Man]: I said go back to sleep!

[Xena]: Not until you answer some of my questions.

[Man]: Maybe I will answer them maybe not.

[Xena]: Who are you?

[Man]: That is none of your business.

[Xena]: Where do you come from?

[Man]: again none of your business.

[Xena]: Why won't you tell me anything?

[Man]: Go back to bed.

(It's the next morning as Gabrielle wakes up the Man's eye again snap open. He again grabs the cloth and helmet and put them on.)

[Man]: Wake Xena and get ready to leave in a hour.

(He pick up his armor puts it on and walks into the woods.)

[Gabrielle]: Xena wake up

[Xena]: I'm up

[Gabrielle]: So did you learn anything last night?

[Xena]: Just that he is very stubborn.

[Gabrielle]: Do you want me to try?

[Xena]: Sure if you want to.

[Gabrielle]: Ok I'll try tonight.

[Xena]: Good now let dismantle the camp and get ready to leave.

(Exactly at the end of an hour the Man returns and they continue. A few hour after dark the Man speaks)

[Man]: Stop! We rest here tonight. You set up camp I'll light the fire.

(Xena and Gabrielle set up the camp and the Man starts a fire.)

[Man]: Go to sleep we have another long day ahead of us.

(So Xena and Gabrielle go to sleep and the Man again removes his armor, helmet, and mask. and close his eyes and relaxes. Sometime around midnight Gabrielle wakes up. The Man's eyes snap open he grabs his mask and helmet and put them on.)

[Man]: Go back to sleep!

[Gabrielle]: Not till you answer my questions.

[Man]: Like I told your friend maybe I will maybe I won't.

[Gabrielle]: What do you want from us?

[Man]: I already told you I need you to help me kill a warlord.

[Gabrielle]: Why?

[Man]: That is none of your business.



(Gabrielle fed up with the questions goes back to bed. As the sun begins to rise Gabrielle begin to stir. Again the Man's eye snap open he reach for his mask and helmet and put them on.]

[Man]: Wake up Xena take down camp and be ready to go in any hour.

(he picks his armor up and walks into the woods. Gabrielle walk over to Xena and wakes her up.)

[Xena]: How did go last night?

[Gabrielle]: Not to good he not very happy with us asking questions.

[Xena]: Well tonight I say we force him to speak.

(After an hour the Man returned and they continue on. They walk until about midnight.)

[Man]: Stop! Set up camp an then relax if want or go to bed. Tomorrow will be a lighter day.

(Xena and Gabrielle setup camp the Man lights the fire. They finish setting up and they sat around the fire.)

[Xena]: Ok mister I'm sick of this game you answer are question or else.

[Man]: Fine.

[Gabrielle] Huh.

[Man]: I said fine I'll answer your questions.

[Xena]: Who Are you?

(the Man takes off the armor,helmet, and finally his mask. Gabrielle gasps.)

[Xena and Gabrielle]: JOXER!!!!!

[Joxer]: Yes it is me.

[Xena]: How did your skill improve?

[Joxer]: It's a long story.

[Xena]: We have time.

[Joxer]: Ok. After I depart from you 10 years ago I travel to a town. In this town I meet a woman who saw the real me. We feel in love and evenually got married. an I gave up my attempt to be a hero. After about year my son was born. I very happy, but one day a Warlord attacked our village. My wife and son were killed. It destroyed me I vowed revenge. I knew my skills were no where close to what they need to be so I search out Autolycus.

[Gabrielle]: Why Autolycus.

[Joxer]: I need learn the ablities to steal tightly secured document. I was amazed that he did help me. He said I had so much desire. After my training with Autolycus for 2 years I became a expert thief almost as good as him. About year after my training I stole some documents from a warlord. It state that the person attack my village was the son of my father greatest rival.

[Xena]: What was his name?

[Joxer]: I don't remenber. The document also didn't give the name of the kid, but it did have nickname which is "The Merciless". So I began search for him he seemed to be known by everyone it was easy to locate him. I knew I need more training so I began looking. I was luck to come a cross a known assasin who was looking was a person to train. For 5 years I trained with him. He taught me 5 forms of Martial Arts, How to walk in the shadows, how to throw knife with pinpoint accuracy, and how to kill a person in any number of ways including pressure points. After my training I turn my attention to my armor. With my wide knowlege of metals it took me only 2 years of mixed and remixed until I got a metal stronger than Iron, but as light as leather. With this metal I reforged my sword, forged 5 throwing knifes, my helmet, and my mail. I named it steel, but I don't thinks it a good name. The last part was looking for you which I got luck and found you in about 2 month.

[Xena]: With all this training why do you need us?

[Joxer]: This warlord is knownto have a large army I need you to help keep his army occupied, and hopeful with your distraction it leave him only with the protection of his special guard which I can deal with.

[Gabrielle]: How do we disract a large army without be kill.

[Joxer]: We'll I have some people spreading rumors of a large army lead by Xena coming this way. I also have some other coming tomorrow who will help with the distraction. All you have to do is make you look like a large army.

[Xena]: How are we to do that.

[Joxer]: That is up to you. Now go to sleep I will stay and watch the fire.

[Gabrielle]: Don't you ever sleep?

[Joxer]: Now and then but now I mostly meditated because when I sleep the dreams are unbearable. I keep seeing my family being killed.

[Gabrielle]: That terrible.

(After about five minute Xena and Gabrielle get up and go to bed. After a long night the sun rise and Xena and Gabrielle both wake up and find Joxer asleep. As they begin to take down camp Joxers eyes quick snaps open and he sits up gasp and sweating.)

[Xena]: You ok?

[Joxer]: Yea, just had a horrid dream. Don't worry about camp we going to wait for the rest of the party.

(Around noon a group of about 20 people pulling two catapults joins Joxer, Xena, and Gabrielle.)

[Xena]: This is my army?

[Joxer]: Yup.

[Xena]: Ok. So how far are we from where we are going.

[Joxer]: We're about an mile from it. We attack tonight.

(About an hour before nightfall Joxer get up.)

[Xena]: Where are you going?

[Joxer]: None of your business. I will return after nightfall.

(He leaves. About 10 minute after nightfall Joxer returns.)

[Joxer] We must move quick and quietly.

(The party move walk until they come to a clearing, and Joxer stops them.)

[Joxer]: Go ahead Xena.

[Xena]: 10 of you spread out evenly and wait for my signal then make as much noise as possible. Hopefully this will get his army to spread out. The rest of you stay here and man the catapults. Me and Gabrielle will get there attention. Then you can do your thing Joxer.

(Xena's plan works and Joxer is able to sneak inside. As he travel down the hall he comes across two Guard. Drawing two knifes he throwns them and takes down the guards easily. The rest of the way is much easier and he enter the the man chamber. He startled by the slamming of the door. He turns around and see the man that he hates most.)

[Warlord] Greetings I have been expecting you.

(Joxer quickly draws two knifes and throws them. The Warlord catchs the knifes with ease.)

[Joxer]: How did you do that.

[Warlord]: I'm trained in the same martial arts skills you are.

(A fight wages on with both men not give each other as continues Xena and Gabrielle enter. This distracts the Warlord long enough that Joxer is able to put the pinch on him. As he the Warlord slowly dies Joxer is finally able to relax, and know that his family is avenged an he can finally rest.


(This scene take place in the same Inn as at the beginning.)

[Joxer]: Thank you for all your help Xena

[Xena]: Just helping an old friend.

[Joxer]: May our paths one day meet again. So long Xena.

[Xena]: So long Joxer "The Mighty"

(Joxer gets up and leaves)


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