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A Second Chance

by Albuquerque Annie

(inspired by ITADITH)

Today, as I watch you wake in the cold dawn light,
There is another reason why I got up before you did.
I confess that I didn't sleep well.
It was not others' cries that troubled me this time,
But my own cries that echoed the loudest in my ears.

In my dreams, I re-lived the day I almost lost you.
I still feel that caged feeling, the helplessness,
The bitter hurt, and the white-hot rage.
Heavy sorrow settled in my chest and nearly suffocated me
As I screamed with pain on the inside.
My heart was torn to shreds.
Then, joy's cool relief soothed me when you came back.

Pride, stubborn pride in my strength
Keeps me from revealing all of this to you,
But I hope you see this silent pledge
The next time you look at me:
I promise to make the most of our second chance.

Albuquerque Annie

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