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Second Thoughts

by Rachelle Yates

In the guises of the mind
I think of what I've left behind
Of all the stones I've overturned
Of all the lessons I have learned

Still I wonder what might have been
If some of the lessons I could resend
Like the one that changed my life
But if where changed would cause strife

Oh how differant life would be
For me and others don't you see

No matter if for better or for bad
I still wish I could have had
The chance to know what might have been
If that lesson I could resend

Still there are others in my life
That would not have caused so much strife
Like the very little things
That each new day always brings

Such as the one's you do not think
Are no more important than a blink
Even these little ones
Change the course of what's to come

No matter how big or small
Each decision affects us all
If the past were changed you'd see
A different person you would be

So all through life try to find
The things that bring you peace of mind
Because in your life you'll make mistakes
That's just the road that life takes
It's not life's little ins and outs
It's what you learn that really counts

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