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by Azriel
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What you don't know can't hurt you

and what you don't know can't touch you

but if I don't speak out all that has made me

I know one day it will shred smash and break me

I float adrift each night in the river of souls

and I see what it's done to them

my power of old

then the force drags me under

as destiny calls to me

her gnarled fingers reaching up to the coal black sky

and she asks why did you plunder? How could you?Why?

but then it's all over 

and I wake to see you

but I still feel the power that ripped me in two

and I have things to say 

from the time before you

before someone speaks to you

words left untrue

I hope you don't hate me for all my destruction, bloodlust

but instead understand with perfect love and trust

for these are the secrets of the Xena before

and I grant them to you and hence I open the door.


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