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No hearts were broken and no fish were caught during the writing of this
poem based on characters owned solely by the big guys: Renaissance
Pictures, MCA, and Universal. As usual, fun is my motive. Kiowa

Sensitivities of Love

by: Kiowa

My soul cannot take much more of this
You alone can bring it bliss
Slowly my control is slipping away
Oh Gods, Gabrielle, say you'll stay.

I wish you well wherever you go
But I know not how to stop the undertow
Of my blood coarsing so very coldly
Whenever you mention your leaving so boldly.

I sit here with you holding a fishing pole
Watching you write in your beloved scroll
The latest adventures of you and I
And wondering if you hear my lullaby

To the fish in the pond so they may sleep
My line to ignore and I will stay deep
Within your physical realm unopposed
By anything while I sit here self-controlled.

I foresee yet another sleepless night
No longer caused by my revengeful might.
You give me those, my Bard, without knowing
That I lie awake with my feelings unshowing.

How can you not see my fervant distress
That your leaving will cause my heart to digress
You just lay there exuming all that elation
While I cry you'll be gone on a three day vacation

Kiowa - mistress of the mountain highs

Gabrielle with Scroll

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