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Ares' Servant

by Vicky

Exterior camp scene. Xena and Gabrielle are sitting on a log eating roast meat and cheese.

Xena: Gabrielle, we're going to get to that nearby village, before nightfall. Gabrielle: (pleadingly) Can we stay in an inn, get a good night's rest, and a good meal?

Xena: Fine.....wait....(stand up) Gabrielle, stay there....(looks around wildly)

From the nearby tree a woman leaps to the ground laughing wildly, she hisses, jumps on a nut brown stallion, shouts "It was the right thing to do, wasn't it?", and starts galloping toward the local village. Xena whistles, Argo gallops over to her and Xena leaps on. Xena shouts her war cry, and takes off after the woman. She has the 'take the village' look on her face. Gabrielle looks quite confused.

Gabrielle: What in Ares' name is going on here?

Fade out, comercial, opening credits.

Xena is hot on Callisto's tail {sceane from Callisto on sand dune}. They arrive on the outskirts of town and dismount, drawing their weapons.

Callisto: You thought it was the right thing to do by saving my life.(lunges at Xena with sword) Hiss, you can't get rid of me!

Xena: I can't, your part of me. (parrys Callisto, tosses chakram)

Callisto: (catches chakram) Why didn't you kill me, softy (sword knocked out of hand by Xena, picks up war staff) Should have, when you had the chance, hahaha.

Xena: I couldn't kill you. (parrys)

Callisto: Remember what I said? (tosses chakram)

Xena: About what? (ducks, chakram hits and stays in tree)

Callisto: How, if you let me go, I'd kill everything you loved, even your stinking horse, arggg. (duck) I can call your every move Xena.

Xena: Yes (crazed look) AYAYIYIYIYIYEE (knocks war staff away)

Callisto: I'm still as good as you, I'll weaken, then destroy you, yet! (gravity defying stunt onto horse, takes off laughing)

Xena: Callisto! (removes chakram from tree, resheathes sword and heads toward Argo)

Fade out, commercial.

Xena and Gabrielle in tavern, Xena looks worried.

Gabrielle: She can't kill everything, she trying to shake you up...(sadly)..and it's working..

Xena: Gabrielle, do me a favor...

Gabrielle: Anything...

Xena: Go to a nearby village untill this is all over....take Argo too.

Gabrielle: But that, I'll stay, help you fight her

Xena: No, please...

Just then a arrow flies in from the doorway, Callisto, who is standing there, cross-bow in hand, laughs...Gabrielle catches it..Callisto takes off hissing.

Gabrielle: She's relentless

Xena is already out the door. Cut to village scenery.

Callisto: You'll be chasing me forever, you won't kill me, and you you can't stop me, hahaha.


Cut to laddered Callisto camp, her army is there with Joxer. There is a large festive table set up with an abundance of food, Callisto is at the head of the table. It's now nigttime.

Callisto: Joxer, if you want to try again to prove yourself as a warrior, bring me the horse, Argo. It's not that hard, jellyfish. (faked sweet voice)

Joxer: Yes, my queen.

Cut to outside tavern, village road, Argo is at the trough outside the door.

Joxer: (walks up to Argo) Hey there, want a apple (offers a apple, untie Argo and lead her munching off screen)

Inside the tavern Gabrielle finishes telling her story. After collecting her dinars she goes to put them in her pouch, on Argo, she exits tavern. Cut to trough. She looks for Argo.

Gabrielle: Argo, Argo, ARGO? No, Callisto,

Fade out, commercial.

Back at Callisto camp Joxer enters frame.

Joxer: My queen, (bows) a gift for you.

Argo takes one look at Callisto and pulls back on her rains, trying to flee.

Callisto: Hahahaha, chain her up on the altar, we'll sacrifice her tomorrow.

Cut to Xena walking back to taven, looks at Gabrielle.

Xena: Gabrielle? (runs over)

Gabrielle: Argo's gone.

Xena: Nooooooo! Gabrielle, run, flee.

Gabrielle: I won't leave you!

Xena: You'll get yourself killed!

Gabrielle: Even if I do.(pause)..remember you're promise Xena, you will not become a monster!

Xena: I'll try.

Gabrielle: Don't try, DO!

Xena: I will, now leave here!

Gabrielle: For your sake. (exit frame)

Xena collapses onto the side of the trough, looks up at camera on the verge of tears.

Fade out, commercial.

Gabrielle exiting taven.

Gabrielle: I gotta find Argo.

Gabrielle folllows tracks muttering to herself, she wanders through the town, into a deserted road, then to Callisto's camp.

Callisto: Look who's here.

Joxer: Blondy!

Callisto: GRAB HER!

All the troops run toward Gabrielle drawing their swords, Gabrielle puts up a good fight but is eventually is captured and brought with a knife to her throught up to Callisto.

Callisto: Chain her up with the horse, we'll sacrifice both tomorrow! (to Gabrielle) I'll make sure Xena watches you die! She'll be suffering for a long time, if she doesn't I'll kill her, hahaha.

All: (laugh, except Joxer who gulps and sneaks out of camp)

A Armed Soldier: TO ARES!




Cut to a room in the inn, where Xena is pacing about. Ares appears.

Ares: Xena, I can help you...

Xena: Ares!

Ares: I can give you an army..

Xena: Never!

Ares: You can kill Callisto.

Xena: No.

Ares: I'll be back if you change your mind.

A knock at the door.

Xena: Come in.

Joxer: Xena

Xena: What is it Joxer?

Joxer: Callisto's got Argo and Gabrielle she plans on sacrificing them to Ares.

Xena: Get out of here......ARES!

Ares: You called?

Xena: This is all one of your sick plans to get me back...isn't it, you make me take your army, kill Callisto, turning me into what I was. Then you have me turn on my friends, I'd be your's....WELL IT'S NOT GONNA WORK!

She runs through Ares out the door, Cut to street, Xena runs toward the camp, Cut to deserted road, runs down that, cut to Callisto's camp runs up to that, then stops.

Fade out to comercial.

Back at the outskirts of the camp Joxer runs up, panting behind Xena.

Joxer: I never meant to get them killed.

Xena: Shut up!

Joxer: Yes ma'am. (sneaks back to camp)

Cut to altar, Xena sneaks up behind Argo and Gabrielle.

Xena: shhhhh. (takes out chakram, cuts them free, hands Gab her staff)

Gabrielle: Thanks (rubs wrists)

Xena: AYAYYIYIYIYIYEEE (gravity defying stunt onto dinner table in front of Callisto)

A grand fight insues, Gabrielle, Argo, and Xena yell, holler, scream until everyone but Callisto lays on the ground dead or knocked out. Callisto and Xena face off again, but this time in one clean swoop Callisto is on the ground, Argo kiked her, Xena ties her up and throws her over Argo.

Xena: That should do it. (wipe hands)

Gabrielle:(runs to Xena) We did it!

Ares: (clap clap) Good show.

Joxer: Eek! (turns and runs into woods)

Xena: Ares, get out of here.

Gabrielle: Come on Xena...

Callisto: (snarl hiss scream) You'll pay for this! (struggle etc.)

Fade to comercial.

In a court room, Callisto is chained and held by two armed solders and more guards secure all exits.

Judge: Callisto is sentenced to the rest of her life in the mines of Indromidar.

Callisto: Noooooo! (struggle, hiss, scream while being dragged from court room) You'll pay, all of you will pay!

Gabrielle: What do you think will happen, will she escape?

Xena: Hopefully not Gabrielle, hopefully not.

Cut to end of 'Greater Good' scene, where she's tying up her stuff.

Xena: Come on Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Coming.

They are walking down a road while she plays her pan flute.

Fade to comercial, end credits.

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