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Texas Xena Fest

by mizaru

To pay tribute to our hero
A Xena Fest we did attend
That Texas town of Austin
Won’t ever be the same again

The Xenites did arrive
They came from near and far
To Threadgill’s first for dinner
Then to Xena’s Grill & Bar

At Xena’s Grill & Bar
Xena items we did not lack
And “Xena Boy” was even offering us
The shirt right off his back

After multitudes of “Heinies”
Atalanta suffered from numb lips
But even that couldn’t keep her from
Dispensing humorous quips

GG was on the table
Engaged in her tassel dance
Before removing us from the bar
We were given one last chance

The search for food was on our minds
Once gathered at the hotel bar
We debated cuisines and drivers
But alas, it was just too far

The nutbread Margaret did forget
No henbane now to blame
The pool game lacked excitement then
With no males around to maim

A salute now goes to Rowdy
For a job truly well done
Her drive and determination
Assured that we all had fun

We returned to our homes
Once the festivities did end
With a great many memories
Of our new-found friends

*** Any Xenites strategically omitted can send their “hush money” to the address previously provided.

To GG: **VBEG**

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