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To Love Lynn

Based On "Xena Warrior Princess."

by Lynn Lucas

The God of music and the God of the war are going to battle over the same beautiful girl, and only one of them will get her.

Character Lynn Kirk created by Lynn Lucas

The great warrior princess Xena and her brave friend Gabrielle are now dead. Continuing on their tradition to set the world of wrong, into a place of peace is the goddess of peace and justice her self, Lynn. Together with the great and feared warlord Callisto, they travel the country making it a better place....

Joxer jumped out of the bushes and leaped infront of Lynn and Callisto's horses.

"Ah ha." Joxer said.

"What do you want?" Callisto asked.

"I'm delivering a message for the goddess of peace and justice." Joxer said. Callisto glanced over at Lynn who smiled.

"Well you've found her. So what's the message?" Lynn asked.

"Not so fast, how can I be sure that you are a real goddess?" Joxer asked. Lynn sighed. Her wardrobe changed quickly once she waved her hand. Now she was wearing an elegant purple silk dress that was almost see threw. Her hair had changed too, instead of being put back in a French braid it was let down.

"You'll do." Joxer said. He handed her the scroll. She waved her hand and changed everything back to the way it was then read the scroll quietly to her self.

My dearest sister Lynn,

I fear that my own oracle is becoming weak and old. I require a new one and I could think of no one better then my sister the goddess of peace and justice her self. I hope that if this is convent you will you come right away.



Lynn took a deep breathe and rolled the scroll back up.

"Well?" Callisto asked.

"There's something that I have to do, Are you gonna be ok by your self?" Lynn asked.

"I'll be fine, besides, Joxer will be here to watch me." Callisto said.

"I'm sticking with the goddess here. No offense Callisto." Joxer said. Callisto smiled.

"None taken." She said.

"Very well then, Joxer let's get going." Lynn said.

"Right." Joxer said.

"Have fun." Callisto said. Lynn frowned and didn't say anything. She wasn't exactly thrilled to help a family member. Especially a god.

Apollo sighed. He knew that Lynn didn't want to come. He wanted her to come because she wanted to, not because she felt that she had to as being part of the family. Lynn was his last hope for love. After his episode with Daphne he thought that it would be impossible to love again, but then he saw Lynn. The once brave and honorable princess, now the goddess of peace and justice had enchanted him with her beauty and kindness. Apollo wanted it to happen more than anything. But it was doughtful, and he knew it.

As Lynn rode up to Apollo's castle she somehow knew that he wanted her there for something more than what she was told. She could feel what he felt. She knew why he had called her hear, but she wasn't about to show that. The oracle opened the door.

"Welcome, Apollo will see you now." She said. A solider came and took Shadow, Lynn's black war mare to the stables and Lynn was led into the castle. Apollo stood gazing out of a window. Lynn approached him slowly.

"You called?" She asked.

"Yes. I want you to help me organize a peace treaty between my kingdom and Areses kingdom." Apollo said.

"I'm the goddess of peace and justice, this will be a walk in the park for me." Lynn said with a smile. Apollo didn't look away from the window. "Apollo are you ok?" She asked.

"Yes. Now if you don't mind I'd like to be alone." He said. Lynn shook her head.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Be gone with you!" Apollo shouted. Lynn walked out of the room with out taking another look back. Apollo was in great emotional pain, even if he wouldn't admit it. And it hurt Lynn even more to know this and to not be able to do something about it. Some goddess of peace I am. She thought.

Later Lynn had gone off to find Ares. She was walking threw the woods when all of the sudden someone grabbed her. She reacted and flipped her capture forward onto his back. He smiled.

"Ares." Lynn said.

"At your servis." He replied. Lynn helped him up.

"Funny, I was just on my way to see you." She said.

"To see me? Why Lynn, I'm faltered." He said. Lynn Frowned.

"I want you to talk to Apollo and to try to work out some kind of peace treaty." Lynn said. Ares laughed.

"Peace, with Apollo? I'd rather be a mortal." Ares said.

"That could be arranged." Lynn said. Ares leaned closer to Lynn.

"You wouldn't dare." He said.

"You wanna bet?" Lynn said.

"You love me to much to do it." Ares said.

"What ever!" Lynn said.

"Oh come on Lynn, just admit it." Ares said.

"I'd rather be in love with a horse!" Lynn said. Ares forced his lips on hers. She pulled away. "Go to Tarderous Ares." Lynn said.

"Easier said than done." Ares said. Lynn disappeared. She reappeared at Apollo's castle.

"Apollo!" She shouted. He appeared in the room with her.

"What? What's wrong?" He asked.

"I can't do this Apollo, I'm sorry." Lynn said.

"It's Ares isn't it?" He asked. Lynn nodded.

"I can't be pressured like this. I'll stick around if you really need me, but I.."

"Go. Get out of here." Apollo said with anger. Lynn sighed and vanished. "Ares!!!!" Apollo shouted. Ares appeared before Lynn.

"You called?" Ares asked.

"Why are you doing this to her?" Apollo asked.

"Why am I..The question is why are you?" Ares said.

"Because with out her, Our two kingdoms will never know peace." Apollo said.

"There's more to it then that, admit it Apollo, you love her." Ares said.

"I love no one." Apollo said.

"Do you honestly think that she doesn't know?" Ares said. Apollo just looked at Ares. "She's an impath remember?"

"Get out." Apollo said.

"You may love her, but she loves me." Ares laughed and vanished. Apollo fell back into his thrown. Lynn poked her head into the room and then entered.

"Apollo.." She said. Apollo lifted his head.

"Why are you still here?" He asked.

"How can I leave when you need me so much?" Lynn asked. Apollo shook his head.

"Why don't you just go help Ares, I'm sure you'll feel much more at home with him." Apollo said.

"I don't love him Apollo, I never did." Lynn said.

"Go away, you're just making things worse." Apollo said. Lynn could feel the tears swelling up inside of her. She held them back as best she could.

"I'm not leaving you." Lynn said bravely. Apollo sighed.

"Why do you insist on staying?" He asked.

"Because you need me, and me." Lynn said.

"So you know?" Apollo asked. Lynn nodded.

"I want to be with you now Apollo, I didn't before but I do now more then anything." Lynn said.

"It's to dangerous." Apollo said.

"I'm not afraid of danger." Lynn said. Apollo stood up and came closer to Lynn.

"Why would you be so willing to risk so much?" He asked.

"I don't have that much to risk, and it doesn't matter, I love you Apollo." Lynn said. Apollo sighed and kissed Lynn.

"I love you too." He said.

Lynn was gathering food in Apollo's market when suddenly someone grabbed her. She fillped him over.

"Hey chill out, I- I wasn't gonna hurt you, honest." He said.

"Who are you?" Lynn asked.

"Cupid." The young man replied. Lynn searched his thoughts and then helped him up.

"So what does the god of love want with me?" Lynn asked.

"I want to help you." Cupid said.

"Help me?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah, I mean I know how rough things are getting between you and Ares an Apollo and I wanna help." Cupid said.

"Look, don't take this the wrong way but I don't need your help, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of my self." Lynn said.

"Oh sure. That's why you can't handle Ares right?" Cupid asked.

"I can handle him, I've done it before." Lynn said.

"Yeah but look where it got you?" Cupid said. Lynn frowned.

"I don't need your help." Lynn said.

"Look Aunt Lynn, If you're going to servive this century you're going to have to start letting people in." Cupid said.

"If you let people in you get hurt." Lynn said.

"What is that like some dumb Immortal law or something?" Cupid asked.

"Immortals are very smart beings, we gods could learn a lot from them." Lynn said.

"What ever. Look just call me if you change your mind ok?" Cupid said. Lynn nodded. Cupid flew away. Twice in one day was enough for Lynn. She had to end this thing but how?

Hades was bussy counting up the new interms when Lynn appeard behind him. She placed her hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?" Lynn asked.

"Lynn, what are you doing here?" Hades asked. She removed her hands and smiled.

"I need your help." She said.

"Anything." Hades said.

"Ares and Apollo are at war with each other and now there fighting over me. I didn't know what to do so I came to you." Lynn said.

"You're the goddess of peace and justice, if anyone can stop them from fighting it's you." Hades said.

"Yeah but it's hard when they're both fighting over me too." Lynn said.

"Which one do you want?" Hades asked.

"Apollo. But I don't want to hurt Ares. Or you." Lynn said.

"Well I'm not going to be hurt as long as your happy, Ares on hand may need a bit more convising from the goddess of peace and justice, why not show him what true peace is like?" Hades siggested.

"Because he's the god of war, and it wouldn't work." Lynn said.

"Then bring him to justice." Hades said. Lynn smiled.

"Now that could work, I could make him mortal and tell him that it's his punishment for being so warlike." Lynn said.

"Sounds good to me, but you might want to get started now, before the real battle begains." Hades said. Lynn nodded.

Ares watched his warriors train with a great sence of pleasure. Lynn appeared in the middle of his battle feild look more sexy than ever before. She approched him slowly and smiled.

"Hello Ares." She said.

"Lynn, I take you've changed your mind about me right?" Ares asked.

"Wrong." Lynn pushed Ares back against a wall. "Ares god of war, as punishment for your actions upon Apollo you shall be mortal forever."

"What?" Ares asked. Lynn laughed and suddenly Ares knew she wasn't jokeing anymore. Ares found him self in a slum village far away from his great kingdom. "Lynnnnn!!!" He shouted.

The End

I'm looking for a partner who can draw and who's good with grammer and editting, if you're qualifide and want to do this you can e-mail me and I'll get back with you. Thanks!

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