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Xena's Truth

by Kimmie

Her village was almost crushed,
by a warlord's hand.
She battled for their freedom,
losing her brother to the land.
But what if the army returns?

She thought of nothing but their safety,
creating an army she did comply.
She took villages and lives the same,
just so her want of revenge could die.
But what if it doesnít?

Her army, once seeing a good deed,
tried to kill her traitorous heart.
She turned and beat them all,
and tried to change her murderous heart.
But is this possible?

She tries to bury her identity,
but Draco struck again.
He tried to capture Gabrielle,
who was to become her best friend.
But what if she loses Gabrielle?

She decided from then on that evil she will fight,
she battles with Gabrielle for only what is right.
She faces who she is everyday of her life,
hoping she can make up for all she has done.
But what if she canít?

She sometimes cannot sleep,
she sometimes cannot dream.
Without Gabrielle she could slip back into her old scheme,
she faces the truth of what she has done in shame.
Not because she wants to,
but because she has to.

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