Whoosh!  Issue Seven now available
Issue Seven now available!

What's New Tom and Lucy, New Zealand 1997

Here's a log of the new things I've added to the site. Happy downloading!

April 9, 1997

April 8, 1997

April 7, 1997

  • New to the Xena Art gallery, it's the Action Figures by Critter! Be sure to take a look!
  • Announcing the Eddies! MaryD, Tom's Xena Page's fan fiction editor will honor new stories every week with an Editor's Choice award. Drop by the Eddies page to see this week's winners.

April 5, 1997

April 4, 1997

April 3, 1997

  • There's a few minor changes on my Who's Tom Simpson page
  • Finally posted 4 pages of photos from The New York Xenafest. While I didn't get too many chances to shoot pictures (I was too busy running the fast forward button ;-) I was able to get a few pictures. Drop by and see!
  • Posted April's Passion Unchained

April 2, 1997

  • Awards! Tom's Xena page was awarded the Cyber Teddy Top 500 award and the Celebrity SIte of the Day award. Gaze at both in all their glory on my Awards page.
  • I'm testing a third-party chat software thing at the Java Xena Chat page. If enough people like it and use it I'll keep it online, if not I'll drop it like a hot potato. :-) Anyway, it's online if you want to test it out.

April 1, 1997

Happy April Fool's day, everyone! I've been busy the past two days giving the entire Xena Image Archive a major facelift, also dividing up the images so there's only 30 or so per page to help speed things up for you.

March 31, 1997

March 30, 1997

  • Posted 38 of Mickisix's sounds from The Quest

March 29, 1997

  • ANNOUNCEMENT! Mary Draganis has taken on the role of Fan Fiction Editor here at xenafan.com. She'll be responsible for coding and editing all story submissions, and if you have a story you'd like to see posted, please e-mail her at kira@zip.com.au. In the subject line change "insert_story_title" for your story title, or if your browser doesn't pick up the subject line, send her a message with the subject line of "FF: My Story Title". Thanks Mary! Hopefully we'll catch up with the tons of stories on backlog now, and she'll be responsible for all incoming stories.
  • Posted Yellowjacket's story Challenge of Succession
  • Posted up to Chapter 10 of Rachella R. Reaves's story Asis the Warrior
  • Posted Quest's story A Rock and a Hard Place
  • Posted 22 of Mickisix's sounds from Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis

March 28, 1997

March 27, 1997

March 26, 1997

  • Why so long between updates this week? My wonderful sister Corinne is staying with me this week in Brooklyn, she flew all the way out here from Salt Lake City, so we're out having fun and exploring at the moment. I'll do some major updates later, but for now we're out having fun.
  • Mickisix sent me a new batch of sounds, I've posted 30 sounds from The Xena Scrolls on my Xena Sounds page.
  • Moved awards given to Tom's Xena Page to a separate Awards Page

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