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by Suzilla


[the following is a duet with parts written for Salmoneus and Gabrielle]


S: Noble warrior, proud and brave,

The weak and helpless she will save.

A champion for the innocent is she,

No matter what the odds may be.


G: Yet who can see into her heart,

To know the past she would depart;

The guilty weight of shrouded sin,

That feeds the flame that burns within.


S: Tall she is and black her hair,

Her warrior's cry does pierce the air.

Sharp her blade and strong her arm,

Her speed and skill avoid all harm.


G: Yet every battle beckons death,

With every blow and every breath.

A chance to live, a chance to die;

One could laugh and one could cry.


S: Her leather boots can none compare,

Her legs are strong and o, so fair.

What man is there without desire,

To kneel at her feet and so admire.


G: Yet who is it who loves her most,

Who follows her, her deeds to boast?

A friend and more thru' troubles hard,

By her side, her faithful Bard.



(C) SuZilla, July '96


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