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A Past Remembered

By Anita Louise

Copyright 1997

Chapter Twenty

The loud clanging sound of metal on metal brought the woman out of a pleasant dream. Gabrielle opened her eyes, gazing into the face of the woman she had come to know so well. Sea looked so peaceful. The Bard touched her with her left hand and softly said, "Sea. I think it's time."

The woman's eyes shot open as she sat up. Her attention focused on the Bard as a smile played on her face, "Did you sleep all right?"

"Never better, had to be the company, sure couldn't have been the lousy arrangements. I hear sounds and they seem to be getting close."

Sea helped her to her feet and pressed her right hand in Gabrielle's as she said, "We've said our good-byes. If I can, I will try to meet you on the other side."

Gabrielle pressed Sea's hand reassuringly and said, "I'll be waiting."

The sound of heavy footsteps and the voices of the guards were getting louder as the two women fixed their gaze on the oncoming doom.

The first person they saw approaching the cell was a tall man, he was dressed in black and wore a dark hood over his head. He was accompanied by two guards. The man approached the cell as one of the guards said, "The Executioner would like for you two, to make peace with yourselves, is there anything you wish to declare?"

Sea stepped back and said, "I have nothing to say to the likes of you."

Gabrielle followed as she defiantly glared at this opposing person, "Do what you feel you have to, we have made peace with what is important to us."

The guard laughed, "You act like you have no fear, this will change when your head is on the block."

The two women said nothing, they just looked at one another. The Executioner unlocked the door as a guard said, "Sea Troll, step out."

Gabrielle looked horrified but the woman smiled reassuringly saying, "It will be all right."

Stepping from the cell the guard said, "Put your hands behind your back."

Sea glared at the quiet figure of the Executioner as she let them bind her hands behind her. Then the man said, "Gabrielle, step out."

Gabrielle swallowed hard as she stepped out of the cell standing by Sea. The man said, "Put your hands behind your back." She glanced over to Sea who nodded and she let them tie her. When the guard was finished he said, "Because you have not been with this filthy pirate for long, you have the right to request a hood be placed over your head."

Gabrielle's blue green eyes shot sparks at the man as she said, "No! I want the last thing I see to be this woman."

He laughed and said, "It's your head. Come on you two, the blade is getting duller as we speak. Besides, you already have a large crowd gathered, they are waiting for the entertainment." As Gabrielle was pushed past the Executioner she felt a strange sensation and knew it was because of this ominous person.

The two women were paraded past the men in the prison as they threw indignities at them. After they climbed the steps from the Dungeon to the top floor, a guard walked over and unlocked the main door. He reached out and pulled open the door at the same time he found himself confronted with a mass of pirates. They were yelling and flailing swords as they barreled past the man. The fight was quick and before long, the pirates had taken over the Prison.

Ashur walked up to the Executioner and said, "Me and my men are going to go hunt that Bounty." He signaled to his men and they all ran after him.

Gabrielle and Sea stared at one another as Sea leaped into the air throwing her body feet first into the Executioners stomach. He groaned as he doubled over and fell back against the wall. Sea had regained her footing and lashed out at the man again this time he dodged the woman's attack and met her with one of his own. Gabrielle ran to help Sea, she kicked out at the man as he struck out sending the Bard falling to the floor. She rolled and was on her feet instantly. The Executioner reached up and pulled off the hood as she said, "Gabrielle, it's me!"

Gabrielle's mouth was open as she stared at this tall man, he sounded like Xena but he didn't look like her friend as she said, "Who are you?"

Xena laughed as she said, "It's the hair, Gabrielle, think long black hair, if nothing else look into my eyes."

Sea was ready to attack once more as Gabrielle said, "All right, I'll look into your eyes," She stepped close as her eyes met the crystal blue eyes of this man. The minute they met, the eyes took her into them, she felt the warmth and softness of someone she felt she would never see again and she cried, "Xena! It really is you. Thank the Gods!"

Xena reached out and untied the Bard then turned her around and gazed into her face as she said, "You are a sight, when I look at you, you take my breath away." She threw her arms around the woman hugging her. Sea watched the two of them and then said, "When you two get over this touching reunion, how about untying me?"

Gabrielle pulled away from Xena and walked over releasing the woman. Xena stepped up to them and said, "I take it the two of you have become close?"

Gabrielle began to stammer and Sea said, "She didn't have a choice. You are lucky to have her be a part of your life."

Gabrielle smiled at Xena and said, "Xena, I want you to meet a woman that can even handle Poseidon, she is wonderful and so much like you."

The two women's eyes met as they clasped arms. Xena stepped back and said, "I'm just glad I found out in time and was able to stop their so called entertainment. Come on, we have to get out of here." They ran from the building into the oncoming daylight.

The Sea Gulls could be heard flying above, the sun was now at it's mid peak of the day. The sounds of waves washing on shore then ebbing were sounds Sea listened to as her eyes closed. She never thought she would ever hear them again, much less see them. So for that moment with her eyes closed she savored every sound and smell.

"Dinar for your thoughts?"

Sea opened her eyes to look into the smiling face of Gabrielle. She quickly glanced around as Gabrielle approached and said, "If you're looking for Xena, she's not far. She knew I needed to talk to you." She sat down on the sand by the woman.

Sea smiled and said, "You look well."

Gabrielle replied, "Do me a favor?"


She reached over and touched Sea's right hand as she said, "Take care of yourself."

Sea replied, "The same for you, never let Xena veer too far, you two have something special and although I was able to share a part of your life, I always knew she was there. Take care of each other."

Gabrielle was quiet for a moment then she said, "Until we meet again." She placed a tender kiss on the woman's cheek as she jumped to her feet and hurried off.

Sea raised her right hand as she touched the spot and murmured, "Until then."

She heard the sound of someone approaching as she jumped to her feet. Rounding a bend in the beach, she could see the woman walking statuesquely toward her. Sea smiled as she approached and said, "Good day Xena, if you're looking for Gabrielle..."

Xena's eyes sparkled as she said, "Not looking for Gabrielle. I wanted to talk to you."

Sea sighed as she said, "I suppose this is the part where you tell me how terrible I have been to Gabrielle and took advantage of her kindness, then proceed to try to beat me up."

Xena laughed as she said, "Although the answers might be interesting, I prefer to believe Gabrielle when she tells me you two are just friends, close, but friends. I want to thank you for being there for her, for helping her through everything... If you hadn't, God's, I shiver at what could have happened to her."

Sea smiled, "Believe me when I say, it was my pleasure. Xena?"

The woman raised her right eyebrow and said, "Yeah?"

"I don't want you to take this wrong, but very seldom in life does a person meet their soul mate, for you and Gabrielle it is wonderful. Never take for granted the love you two share. It could be taken away so suddenly."

Xena reached out and clasped her right arm as she said, "Thank you for caring, we have unfinished business to take care of and then we are going home. I will never let her out of my sight again, at least if I can help it. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet the amazing Sea Troll."

Sea smiled as she answered, "And I'm extremely happy to have finally met Xena, The Warrior Princess."

Xena started to walk away then she said, "The Amazons are happy you are going to be taking them close to their home. If they want you to stay, take them up on their offer, there are some really nice women there. And after all, Gabrielle is their Amazon Princess."

Before Sea could get a word out the woman had run down the beach and was out of sight. Sea played the woman's words through her head, 'Gabrielle is their Amazon Princess.' This was something she definitely wanted to hear about.

Xena reined Argo to a stop over looking the city of Olympia as she set staring down. Gabrielle asked, "Xena, why are we stopping?"

Xena reached back and said, "Let's get down for a minute."

Gabrielle slid to the ground as Xena followed. She dropped Argo's reins, Reached out and put her right arm around the Bard as she said, "Thought you might like to watch it sail."

Gabrielle looked away then focused her gaze down past the city, to the wide expanse of ocean as she watched The Bounty sail from port. Xena reached out and brushed a tear from the Bard's cheek as she said, "It's all right to cry. Thanks to Sea, you are back in my life."

Gabrielle turned to face her and said, "Xena, there is something I need to tell you."

Xena placed a finger to the Bard's lips as she said, "Shh, the only thing I need to know is you are here with me and we are going home. This time, things will be a little different."

Gabrielle smiled up at her and said, "Different?"

Xena grinned and her eyes spoke volumes, There's a question of throwing out one bed and testing out the other. We have the best part of our lives to look forward to. Have I told you lately how important in my life you are to me?"

Gabrielle replied, "There is no need, I know, I prayed I would see you one more time."

"Well, you got me woman, let's go home I can't wait another night." She leaned down as her lips met Gabrielle's in a soft yet passionate kiss that told both of times to come.

The End