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This poem is written from the view of a bard looking at the great friendship of Xena and Gabrielle.

For Kay - who keeps me sane in the infinite voids of madness.

Expressionistic Interpretations

By Trey

A life is life, or so I thought
A thing of soul that can't be bought
A heart of love
And eyes of tears
With hands of help
To comfort fears

Cloud in crimson, petal in dew
With hair of red and eyes of blue
When their lives of torment
Cause tears of rain

They connect their spirits
And banish the pain

While their nightmares fight the daylight dreams
Friendships swirl like freshwater streams
And in the flow of greed and fear
The death of life
Seems all to near

Yet in the vile sea of dreams
Hope is afloat and defiantly gleams
It can be seen
In the dawn-lit sky
Or in the infinite truth
Of a cherished lie

Life and love
Love and life
Together they fight
To blunten the knife
Even when death rips them apart
Hope is still found in the Believer's heart

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