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Here today.......Where tomorrow?



Disclaimer: No sex or sexual violence

Thereís a sufficient amount of violence in this story (Hey this is a Xena story after all)The characters Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Cyrene, Lila, Toris, Hercules, Iolaus, Ares Aphrodite and others that sound familar belong to MCA/UNIVERSAL. This story was written for enjoyment only and I don't intend to get any profit off of it. No aliens or animals were harmed in the making of this fanfiction. The characters Kazinus, Renee, Madalyne, Kimberly, Leaden, Joseph, Mario, Sunset, Blizzard, Sierra, Midnight, Xavier, and Aliem are mine and no one can use them without my permission. Any resemblance to these characters is purely coincidental, I created the unfamilar characters myself. Violators of the rules will be hit with Xena's chackram, thwacked by Gabrielle's staff, or zapped by Ares or Madalyn. Whichever comes first. Now that you know the risks, enjoy your reading adventure! Oh and just so you know, an Akhal-teke, an Arabian, a Clydsdale, a Trakhener, an Appolosa, and a Palomino are all breeds of horses.


Chapter 1
the confrontation

"Xena please can we go to Amphipolis?" asked Gabrielle as she rode on Argo. Her left leg (from her knee down) was bandaged up. Xena walked along side her. "Gabrielle why do you want to go to my village. I would think you would want to go to Potedia."

"I don't think that my over-protective parents would be pleased at the fact that I pulled a muscle while trying a flip. Besides it would do you good to visit your family and childhood friends. Even the warrior princess needs a vacation sometimes." Argo nodded and neighed her agreement. "all right I'll go. You two are teaming up on me and-"

"And your in a good and peaceful mood today. Did I guess right?"

"Do you have any idea how annoying that is?"

Xena moved ahead. Gabrielle leaned over to whisper into Argo's golden ear. "Thanks Argo I owe you one. Xena will be so surprised when she sees the party I set up for her birthday." Gabrielle giggled "I'm surprised that I got my family to come. Let alone find Toris, Hercules, and Iolaus. This is going to be fantastic."

Somewhere on mount Olympus Aphrodite stretched and yawned "I am soooo bored. I wonder what Ares is doing to keep himself entertained." She walked over to Ares chamber and knocked on the door. "Hey Ares!" She walked in. Inside the chamber Ares was talking to some aliens (Kind of like the ones on the movie ID4 mixed with the aliens from Aliens and the Hork-bajir from the Animorphs) "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to see what you were doing."

"Well now you just saw."

"What are you doing?"

"I just thought I'd have some fun and send some people from the future into our time." One of the aliens turned to Aphrodite. He spoke and hissed his Ďsís "It sssssoundsssss quite amussssing."

"Oh. Okay," said the goddess of love. She walked out.


"All right do we have everything?" asked a girl with long, auburn brown hair, jade green eyes, pale skin, and a New Zealand accent. She looked over at the big collection of camping gear which consisted of:

1 huge electric 3 bedroom tent,
1 stereo,
2 electric lanterns,
enough food for six people to last for a month,
1 small refrigerator,
3 cooking pots and pans,
6 sleeping bags,
3 mirrors,
6 brushes,
6 pillows,
1 case of CD's,
plenty of rope and other climbing and hiking tools,
6 sets of diving gear,
1 video camera,
2 video tapes,
2 first aid kits,
1 box of nail polish,
2 fishing poles,
1 tackle box,
6 cans of bug spray,
6 sets of clothes to last for a month each,
2 guns (complete with paint bullets and tranqilize darts)
and the few things 3 girls would need at 'that time of the month.' (Girls you know what I'm talking about.)
6 horses stood outside.

A girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair, wintergreen eyes surrounded by a ring of blue, very pale skin, and an English accent answered, "Everything is here Renee. This is going to be so much Fun!" Renee laughed "Yeah, Maddie, one month away from our parents!" today Renee had just won the International Karate Tournament and even though she had her dragon belt (which is the highest rank you can get) it was still pretty hard. So she (as the undecided leader of her little group) had decided to have a one-month long camping trip with her friends by the names of

Madalyn, who had just won an International gymnastic competition and swears that she was abducted by aliens and given powers. Renee wasn't so sure about the alien part but Madalyn had proved that she had the powers, she could levitate stuff, zap stuff, freeze stuff, and transport herself from one place to another. She also almost always wore a certain necklace (itís chain had a golden/silver criss-cross pattern and it had a blueish-green jewel that had a mystic pinkish-purple smoke swirling around inside it, hooked around the jewel was a steel hawk talon.)

Kimberly had honey-brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She was also good at gymnastics and due to the fact that she, Madalyn, and Renee had taken archery together they were all very skilled with a bow and arrow.

Joseph had shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. He and Leaden were trained in the use of a rifle and handgun although they only used paint bullets and tranqilize darts. He was also a champion gymnast and one of the two guys that Renee knew that actually cared for animals. She could also sense that Joseph cared for Madalyn and vice-versa although neither would admit it.

Mario had short black hair, Dark brown eyes, and pale skin. He was a rather annoying friend but still a friend and he had a relationship with Kimberly. If Renee hadn't invited him Kimberly would have gone insane, so she had no choice. It wasn't that Renee hated him. He was almost like a genuine comedian. The only problem was that he seemed to get pleasure out of annoying Renee and Madalyn. He was the type who was almost always dealing with something that had lots of wires and switches. He looked at animals as something he didnít really care for that much.

Leaden was Joseph's older brother by a year. He had long dark brown hair (Usually tied up in a pony-tail), Light blue eyes, and bronze-colored skin and was the other guy in the group that cared for animals. He was in karate and dancing at the same level that Renee was on and was the only friend that Renee had hesitated to invite, but not because she didn't like him, quite the opposite actually. She knew that she should tell him about her feelings for him but she didn't think that he wanted to go beyond a friendship, and she didn't want to ruin that. (Though she would have liked a dating relationship much better.)

Renee was probably the one who had been trained in the most stuff. She was an expert dancer/iceskater, (She had won every dancing/iceskating tornament she entered) a martial-arts champ, good in gymnastics, great with animals, she knew tons of magic (not the normal every-day magician stuff either) and was flueint the languages of Spanish, Greek, Maori, and sign language. (she taught sign language to her friends.) Leaden wanted to tell Renee about his feelings for her but he was afraid that Renee wouldnít want to go past a friendship.

Madalyn was wearing a dress (it had straps instead of sleves and the bottom came down to her mid-thigh) Renee looked at it and said "Weíre going on a camping trip for one month. Why would you wear a dress?" Madalyn smirked and responed "Because I want to look pretty. Besides itís not like iíll wear a dress the whole time." Renee walked over to Madalynís suitcase and opened it. Inside there were mostly dresses with five pairs of jeans and t-shirts. "You arenít going to wear a dress the whole time huh?"

"I want to look pretty like I said."

"Why? Itís not like anyoneís going to really notice you."

"Who said I wanted anyone to notice?"

"Right and having Joseph see you in that has nothing to do with it."

"Nope. Not really"

At that moment the door opened. "Hi guys! Sorry weíre late Leaden, I had to help an injured deer after she had gotten hit by a car," said Joseph. He was followed by Mario. Madalyn said "Oh how sweeeeet." she kissed Joseph. He smiled and said "I should be late more often!"

"Is the deer okay?" asked Leaden.

"Yeah. She's fine now."

Renee looked back over the stuff that they were bringing, foucusing on the electrionic stuff. She looked at Mario and said "Mario the point of camping is to get away from it all."

Madelyn added "Not bring it all with you." Mario just shrugged in response, while everyone laughed, Then they collected their gear, went outside and mounted their horses.

"Okay Mario, because you are the only one who doesnít know the names of these horses I'll give them to you now," said Renee. "I'm riding Solana, Madalyn is riding Aliem, Kimberly is riding Sierra, Leaden is riding Xavier, Joseph is riding Midnight, And you're riding Blizzard. Solana's a mare as well as Aliem and Sierra. Xavier, Midnight, and Blizzard are stallions."

Renee started forward and the other horses followed. "Hey Renee I'll race ya to the camp site!" said Leaden.

"You're on!" answered Renee. She nudged Solana into a gallop and Leaden followed. Joseph looked at the others and said "If we let them get to far ahead we'll be wandering out here for days." They raced after Leaden and Renee.


Meanwhile somewhere in ancient Greece......

"Stay close to the ground Gabrielle" Gabrielle paid attention to Xena's instructions and lay flat on the ground. A rabbit was a few inches in front of her.

"Xena why can't you do the hunting like you usually do."

"Because you said I needed a vacation. Now be quiet. When I say go you jump."



In the future.....

Renee and Solana jumped a river followed by the others. Leaden and Xavier slowly caught up with them and they ran side by side for a while. As they 'raced' they also started to perform. Renee was actually the one to start it. She and Solana put on quite a display as Solana reared up on her hind legs. Leaden laughed as the other horses all did special tricks. Xavier reared up and then hopped forward a few paces before stetting his front hooves down. Aliem and Midnight were creating a weaving pattern as they criss-crossed. Blizzard did a fancy trot and Sierra rose up on her hind legs, turned a little, set her front hooves down, and back-kicked. Renee glanced up at the sky and gasped. Gray clouds had suddenly accumulated above them where there used to be blue sky and were now swirling around swiftly. Renee brought Sunset to a sudden stop. Leaden and the others slowed to a stop beside her. "What's wrong Renee?" asked Madalyn. She followed her friend's gaze towards the sky. Up in the air the clouds were swirling faster and kept picking up speed. They started turning a bright green. "It's the aliens! They've come back!" she shouted. Suddenly a bright beam the same color as the clouds above it shot down and zapped the six teens and their horses. They screamed and in an instant they disappeared, gear, horses and all.

Back in ancient Greece....

The sound of screaming humans and whinnying horses filled the air and all of a sudden six horses, a ton of gear, and six frightened teens wearing unusual clothing fell from the sky. The horses and the gear ended up just fine (The horses landing in a river, the durable gear on the ground), but Xena, Gabrielle, Renee, Leaden, Madalyn, Joseph, Kimberly, and Mario were in one big pile. Gabrielle picked her head up in time to see the rabbit she was stalking jump away. Right now, however, that was the least of her worries. "What in the Tartarus!?" she said. One of the teens (Madalyn) screamed "What the heck!"

They all stood up and looked at each other. Kimberly asked "Is everyone okay?" what answered her was a bunch of hurried words.

"What happened?"

"Where are we?"

"Xena Who are they?"

"Are the horses okay?"

"The aliens did this I just know it!"

"I wager Ares did this."

"What about our gear is it okay?"

"Ummm guys, are they who I think they are?"

The last question was asked by Renee and caught everyone's attention. For standing in front of them were Xena and Gabrielle who weren't even supposed to be real.

"First you're going to tell us your names," said a rather menacing-looking Xena. (her sword was pointing down towards the new comers and was clenched between both of her hands. Gabrielle had her staff ready and stood beside Xena.) "Then you're going to tell us where you came from."

Joseph stood up and stated (as calmly as he could manage) "I'm Joseph and these are my friends Madalyn, Leaden, Mario, Renee, and Kimberly. We came from the very far and distant future."

Xena and Gabrielle lowered their weapons. They looked temporarily shocked (Xena gave her patented raised eyebrow look while Gabrielle's eyes went wide). Meanwhile Aliem was running around in circles while the other horses were sniffing the air and each other. The stone on the headdress that Aliem was wearing was glowing a bright aqua green against her Palomino fur. "Look we'd like to get back to our time so if we could just ride with you to the nearest village please? We won't be a burden to you." asked Renee. Gabrielle answered "Of course you can. I'd like to here about your time." Leaden lead the way back to the horses and then the six teens collected their gear, mounted their horses, and followed Xena and Gabrielle through the forest. Gabrielle and Renee kept up a healthy conversation. "So where do you come from Renee?"

"I come from a place called New Zealand."

"Where's that?"

"It's across a whole bunch of water and land. The problem is I'm not so sure it has been discovered at this point in time."

"So what's this New Zealand place like?"

"It's beautiful! Clear water, green grass as far as the eye can see. Of course I live in the countryside so I don't know what it's like in the cities. What is it?"

Gabrielle had stopped dead in her tracks as had Xena. "What's wrong?" asked Renee. She looked ahead... and saw a village being attacked by some mean looking warriors. Xena urged Argo into a gallop and headed towards the town, her sword drawn.


Gabrielle didn't turn to face Renee. Her eyes were locked on the village ahead. "That's Amphipolis. Xena's village."

Chapter 2
the battle

Gabrielle turned back to face Renee. "Renee, take me to the village." She jumped on Solana and they headed towards the village. Leaden turned to the others. "We can't just let Renee charge into battle can we? Let's go!" they took off. Madalyn mumbled "We were going to have a normal vacation but NOOO. Stupid aliens had to get in the way."

At the village Xena was engaged in a very fierce sword to sword fight. The warrior she was fighting swung his sword in a diagonal sweep, intending to behead her. He missed and suddenly he was flying through the air. Hercules watched as the thug landed on a pile of wood, then he turned to Xena. "I thought you could use a little help." they turned so that they were back to back. "Good to see you again Hercules. I wish it were under better circumstances. Where's Iolaus?" Xena kicked an approaching soldier who stayed down.

"He's guarding your family," Hercules turned to look at Xena, "and Gabrielle's."

Xena stumbled slightly, "Gabri- are they okay?"

"Last time I checked they were fine."

They continued their battle without another word.

Renee charged into the town on Solana. When she reached the battle she brought Solana to a halt and let Gabrielle off. She turned to Renee. "Go back to the field over there."

Renee protested. "But I can help. I-"

"Renee, I want to make sure that you and your friends don't get hurt."

Renee watched as Gabrielle ran to help Xena. "I'm not going to miss out on all the fun!" She said to no one in particular. "What do you think Solana?" The Akhal-Teke nodded her head and stomped her hoof. "Well then lets go!" they ran into to the battlefield. Renee soon encountered two warriors. She jumped off of Solana, punched one brute and then kicked the other. They both went down. Renee stared down at them and said, "A few white-belt moves and they go down? This isn't going to be as hard as I thought." Gabrielle caught sight of this and tried to change Renee's mind. "Renee what are you doing! I thought I told you to run!"

"I'm not gonna let these guys destroy this village!" Renee shouted back.

"Get out of here!" Renee started to turn back towards her friends in the field when she spotted a warrior sneaking up on Gabrielle. "Gabrielle look out!" she flipped over the Amazon princess and while she was still in the air she kicked the sword out of the manís hand. Then she slammed her head onto the brute's forehead, knocking him out. Gabrielle turned to face the girl. "Thank you Renee. I guess I owe you one. Just be careful all right?" suddenly the sword that Renee had kicked into the air came down blade first and cut deep into Renee's skin. It slashed her from her right shoulder to her right thigh. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Renee!" the sound came from three voices, Gabrielle's, Madalyn's,... and Leaden's who had jumped off his horse and ran to catch Renee as she fell. He looked to Gabrielle "We've got to get her somewhere safe."

Gabrielle thought for a minute. "I think I know where to take her. But how will we get her there without making her suffer the pain?" Leaden quickly divised a plan. "Look I've got an idea. go get three wooden poles."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'll tell you later." Leaden whistled for his horse to come to him. Then he yelled at the horse. "Xavier! Get your Arabian hide over here now!"Xavier trotted swiftly over to his master. Leaden grabbed his sleeping bag, his hiking stick, his pillow, and some of the rope. He put the sleeping bag on the ground then lay his hiking stick to one side of it. He tied it together with the string from the sleeping bag. At that moment Gabrielle came back with the wooden poles. "Here." Leaden took them from her then grabbed the sword that was covered in Renee's blood. He attached those on with a little bit of the rope, then reached into his boot and pulled out a small knife with which he cut the rope. then he flipped the contraption around, put the pillow on top of the sleeping bag, and made two holes in the pillowís case through which he strung the rope through. Then he picked Renee up as gently as he could and put her on the makeshift stretcher. He divided the remainder of the rope into two pieces. One he tied to one side of his horse the other he attached to the stretcher and tied the other end of it to the other side of the horse. Gabrielle carefully lifted Renee's legs then sat down on the stretcher and put the girl's legs back down on top of hers. "Okay were ready." she said. As Gabrielle gave directions she also tried to stop Renee's bleeding.

They soon arrived at Cyrene's tavern, where Iolaus was standing guard. Leaden dismounted and picked up Renee, Gabrielle stood up to help. "Gabrielle? what is going on?" she turned to face Iolaus, said "I'll explain later," and carried Renee into the tavern. Inside the tavern Gabrielle had just entered when a pot nearly crashed down on her head. Gabrielle turned to see who had tried to hit her and found herself face to face with her sister. "Lila?"

"Gabrielle." said her astonished sister. She pointed towards Renee "Who's she?"

"A friend. Look I need your help. Go ask Cyrene if there are any more rooms upstairs."

"Okay. But what happened?"

"I'll tell you when we get this girl treated."

Lila ran to Cyrene. "Cyrene are there any rooms left upstairs?" Cyrene answered, "Yes but why-" That's when she caught sight of Gabrielle and Renee. She turned back to Lila. "Lila you get something to dress that girl's wound then follow me upstairs. Weíll wait for you."

"I think you can go ahead without me. I don't think that I'll have any problem finding the room." Lila said as she stared at the blood. She went behind the counter and grabbed some bandages. When she looked up Cyrene and Gabrielle had already gone upstairs. She followed the trail of blood to the room then, finding the door open walked in. Gabrielle left the room and went outside the tavern.

She looked at Leaden who was pacing anxiously at the door. "Is she-" he asked. Gabrielle gave him a reassuring smile. "No, but I think I'll stay with her for a while."

"I'll guard the tavern." said Iolaus "I will to." Leaden responded. Iolaus nodded. Gabrielle turned to go back inside and said "Good luck, and be careful."

In the battle field Madalyn was... well... lets just say that "extremely pissed off" is a polite phrase for what she was. She started to use her powers in the battle she levitated a thug then kicked him in between the legs hard. She grabbed him by the collar of his armor, looked into his eyes and said "That one was for my friend." she let him drop to the ground. She saw several individuals start to head towards the inn, she zapped them. She flipped into the air and landed on a thug's head. He dropped to the ground while Victoria landed on her feet. She saw Xena struggling with another soldier, she levitated him. Xena then jump kicked him and looked around. Madalyn smiled at her, Xena smiled back, said "Thanks for the help!" then turned to fight another thug.

Meanwhile Argo was starting to fight too. She kicked a warrior in the chin then she turned around, reared up, and slammed her hooves down on the warrior's stomach. The other horses were beginning to follow Argo's example. Sierra reared up and brought her Clydesdale hoofs down on a soldier's head. Aliem's headdress stone began to glow again and a beam shot out and zapped another warrior. Solana leaped over some of the soldiers making sure that her back hooves hit their head's. Xavier bit another guy's hand. Then he turned and came face to face with the warrior's horse. They stared for a while then began to fight, after a brief struggle Xavier finally won by bringing his Arabian hooves down on the other horse's neck. Blizzard back-kicked a warrior who went flying into a woodpile. The Appolosa reared up in triumph. Midnight charged towards a soldier. When he was about two steps in front of the soldier he stopped and reared up. His Trakener hoofs barely missing the soldierís head. The warrior turned on his heels and ran.

Kimberly and Mario helped get people to safety. Kimberly found a bow and suddenly got an idea she found some arrows and picked up a few rocks. she tied the rocks to the arrows then took aim. "Fire one!" She let the arrow fly and it hit a soldier on the head. He fell unconsious. "Yes! Direct hit!" Joseph flipped onto a guyís soulder and kicked him in the head. Then he flipped back off. Leaden kicked an oncoming soldier and with the help of Iolaus brought down several others. Hercules lifted a warrior and threw him into four others. Xena threw her chackram. It hit seven soldiers then returned to her hand. Madalyn zapped another soldier who turned to one of his comrades and said, "Kazinus said nothing about facing a wicth! Retreat!" the remaning thugs ran off. Mario came out of a hut and shouted "And donít come back!" He, Madalyn, Kimberly, and Joseph meet up with Xena and Hercules, retreived thier horses and walked towards the tavern. Xena reached down and picked up a dagger so that she could study it. She needed a clue as to where these warriorís came from. For one of them had mention the name Kazinus and if this was his army it ment that it was only part of it which in turn ment that they were in trouble.

Chapter 3
the warlord

Gabrielle went back up into the room that Renee was being kept in. "How is she?" Cyrene turned to look at Gabrielle. "Sheís weak. We were able to stop the bleeding but we need more bandages to wrap up her arm." Lila was the one who spoke next. "How did she get hurt so badly?" Gabrielle answered for Renee. "She got hit with a sword while trying to save me." There was a knock on the door. Gabrielle opened it and her mom, her dad, and Toris walked into the room. "We came as soon as we made sure that those men had gone." said Gabrielleís father. Just then Leaden, Iolaus, Hercules, Xena, Victoria, Joseph, Kimberly, and Mario entered the room. "Is she alright?" asked Leaden. Gabrielle gave a reassuring smile "She lost a lot of blood. I was just going to finish badaging her arm." Gabrielle removed the bandage on her leg and walked up to Renee. She began to bandage the wound. Renee tried to protest. "Donít you need that?" she asked. Gabrielle answered "Not as much as you do." Madalyn looked down at Renee who was waking up. She smiled as she said "Renee! we were expecting you back in five or six minutes. Not five or six pieces." Renee tried to laugh but stopped due to the pain it obiously caused. Xena walked over to her. "Get some rest. It will make you heal faster. You got hurt pretty badly." Renee raised her right eyebrow and sarcasticly responded "Really? I never knew." Leaden knelt down beside Renee, held on to her left hand, and said. "Renee, sheís right. You better rest for a while okay? Iíll be here when you wake up." "No. I want to know whatís going on." Gabrielle looked at Xena who was staring at the dagger she brought in."Xena do you have any idea where that army came from?"

"That army belongs to a warlord named Kazinus. He used to be in my army and was a terrific warrior, but even Dagnin wouldnít dare turn his back on him. He comes from a land west of here called Spain. Those warriors that ran away were only a small part of his army, they will probably be killed for retreating." "Sounds strict." said Kimberly. Renee spoke up though her voice made it obvious that she was very weak and very tired "Yeah!That Yerrno en la Zorra." Everyone stared at her. She blushed and said "never mind." Leden looked at her "Renee I thought I told you to go to sleep." Reneeís words were slured "But I donít wanna." Leaden gave Renee a very stern look "Renee¼ " Renee sighed, closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep.

"Kazinus was more than just strict. He was a lot like me in those days. The only difference was that on those times where I would punish a soldier by putting him through the gaunlet, that same soldier, no matter how small his mistake, would be killed by Kazinus." Mario threw up his hands and said, "Thatís it weíre dead." Madalyn said "Shut up Mario!" Leaden said "Xena can you come here for a minute? I need to talk to you." Xena walked over to Leaden who said "How bad is her injury?" Xena answered "Her arm got most of the damage, her leg is obviously injured but that will heal in about two days or so."

"What about her arm?"

"I donít know. Iíve seen some people who have come out of this kind of injury with this much blood loss just fine. Some donít even live through it. Itís hard to tell which is going to happen here." Joseph spoke up "We have to stop this guy thatís obvious. I bet we could fool them with our technology." Gabrielleís father stepped into the conversation. "What type of technology are you talking about?"

Kimberly answered "We come from the future."

Cyrene said "Your idea sounds like a good one. What kind of things did you bring?"

"If you come with us weíll show you" answered Kim. Everyone agreed to come except Leaden who wanted to stay with Renee for a while. As she left, Gabrielle saw Leaden take hold of Reneeís good hand and with his other hand he brushed some of Reneeís hair behind her ear. A soft smile came across Gabrielleís face as she turned and walked out the door.


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